Our verdict

Nike Air Max Infinity made me feel like I am wearing socks instead of shoes because of the unbelievably snug pleasure it brings. It is genuinely one of the most comfortable Nike sneaker pairs that I have worn. The problem is that this sneaker doesn't last. You'll be better off trying something like the Air Max 270 or the Zoom Type.


  • Comfortable sock-like feel
  • Fits true to size
  • Lightweight
  • Soft and flexible forefoot
  • Simple lacing


  • Could be more durable
  • Lazy design

Audience verdict


The Air Max Infinity Shoots for the Stars, but can’t get off the street

The Air Max dynasty has always put a focus on comfort. From the AM90 to the VaporMax to Air pockets have been there to softly support their wearers. The Air Max Infinity clearly focuses on this, above all else. 

Nike Air Max Infinity

The seeming comfort of the AM Infinity comes at the sacrifice of all the other things that make an Air Max. So much of a sacrifice in fact, that Nike very rapidly discontinued them and brought out a second iteration. 

Nike is trying to forget that the Air Max Infinity ever happened

Nike Air Max Infinity Flat Lay

When Nike discontinues a shoe because of production and quality issues it tends to strip the internet of any info about them. But there are still some of the original re-lease being sold, so let’s get into some of the details. 

The Infinity is comfortable at least

Nike Air Max Infinity On Foot

First off, they are really comfortable. It’s clear that the Infinity was pointed towards a lifestyle market, which fits with its 2020 release. Back in 2018, Nike released the AM270 silhouette, apparently the first to be made purely for lifestyle wear. 

Nike Air Max Infinity Upper Details

The Air Max Infinity has a sock-like construction, wrapping around the foot, and a minimal lacing system with just two eyelets on each side. While the fit is true to size, there’s definitely no suggestion that these are made for any intense activity. 

The sole has a super soft, flexible foam forefoot and an air unit that is a bit flatter and more streamlined than the 270. In fact, with the synthetic, patchwork upper the Infinity looks like a blend of the Air Max 270 and the Air Max 200. 

Nike Air Max Infinity Out Sole

The durability of the upper on the Air Max Infinity is anything but durable

The upper is where the main problem lies. Its construction appears good and there are nice parts of padding around the ankle, but the material is prone to wearing away with the slightest scuff. The same goes for the foam sole; with minor abrasion, the foam is worn away.


From Nike this really just is not acceptable. It’s clearly a super cheap construction. While it might be comfortable, and some like the tiny gap it fills in a pretty complete sneaker lineup, but it just seems unnecessary. 


We know Nike can make a shoe, they just didn’t try to this time

In the past, Nike has made sneakers like the AM270 React with a high-contrast glued paneling, but on the Infinity, it’s just messy construction. I could see glue poking out from under panels. This happens from time to time with shoes, but not to this extent. 

The AM Infinity offers no protection from the elements. Water finds its way through the upper even when it’s not got holes in it, and I can imagine it does no favors to the longevity of the sneaker. 

Nike Air Max Infinity Weather Testing

At least the Air Max Infinity won’t be around for well..infinity

It seems like a strange mistake for Nike to have made. They are usually one of my go-to brands for durable sneakers, especially in the Air Max lineup. It doesn’t seem to make sense that they’d push out a sneaker that can’t have passed any quality assurance tests.