Notable elements of the New Balance Fresh Foam Roav Trail

- The New Balance Fresh Foam Roav Trail is a product that is designed with versatility in mind. The facade features a modern visual aspect, with a near-seamless and form-fitting construction that aims to deliver consistent comfort throughout the running session. The Ultra Heel wraparound collar structure holds the heel in place and prevents in-shoe wobbling.

- Fresh Foam serves as the midsole unit of this New Balance trail running shoe. This full-length platform offers springy takeoffs and mitigated landings. The AT TREAD outsole protects the midsole from the abrasive nature of the terrains.

Size and fit

The New Balance Fresh Foam Roav Trail is designed to be true to size. Runners are welcome to get a pair with their usual sizing expectations in mind. However, it would be beneficial to test the shoe first before making a purchase decision or get ahold of user reviews from various sources. Having these elements can result in a pleasant in-shoe experience.

When it comes to the fit, the elements that contribute to sideways security are the semi-curved shape of the shoe’s platform, the uncluttered construction of the upper, and the presence of a ghillie lacing system with isolated lace-loops. A too-snug in-shoe environment isn’t the target of this product.


AT TREAD is a rubber compound that protects the midsole base from the abrasive nature of the surfaces. The generous thickness of this layer is meant to prevent early material breakdown. Rubber has a naturally grippy quality which permits surface control.

Traction nodes pockmark the external pad. These protrusions heighten the gripping capacity of the shoe on the unpredictable terrains. They have flat ends to allow the runner to transition to the roads without losing balance.


Fresh Foam is a full-length cushioning unit that is designed to maintain its form, even after many uses. It has the goal of mitigating the impact shock generated by the striking phase of the gait cycle, as well as energizing the forefoot lift for a springy toe-off. Fresh Foam is used in many New Balance shoe series, including the Fresh Foam 1080 and the Fresh Foam Zante.

A sockliner is placed right above the primary midsole technology. The purpose of this add-on is to provide a soft surface on which the underfoot can rest. It can be removed or replaced with a new one if the wearer wants to do so.


The upper unit of the New Balance Fresh Foam Roav Trail is made of a close-weave textile. The job of this material is to wrap the foot securely and keep it safe from the elements, including small debris on the trails.

Ultra Heel is a wraparound heel material that has protruding patterns for extra in-shoe security. The stretchy nature of this element aims to secure the heel and keep it from exiting the shoe unexpectedly.

A ghillie lacing system graces the bridge of this running shoe. Round laces snake through isolated fabric loops, providing a foot-wrap that can be customized.


The current trend of New Balance Fresh Foam Roav Trail.
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