Our verdict


The La Sportiva Mutant is an aggressive trail running shoe that’s versatile and stable. It’s ideal for off-road trails, racing and mountain running. With the stability, protection and impressive grip of this shoe, this shoe will not disappoint even if used in different types of terrain.


  • Very grippy
  • Sturdy construction
  • Protective
  • Stable
  • Snug fit
  • Breathable
  • Quick and easy lockdown


  • Stiff
  • Narrow up front
  • Expensive

Who should buy the La Sportiva Mutant

The Mutant from La Sportiva is definitely worth a try if: 

  • you want a light and nimble trail shoe
  • you need running shoes for mud and wet surfaces
  • you're looking for reliable trail shoes to take on technical trails

La Sportiva Mutant la sportiva mutant

Who should NOT buy it

Skip this shoe if you're looking for a pair of road running shoes. And if you're an overpronator (feet roll inward), you can look into these stability trail shoes instead. 

La Sportiva Mutant midsole

The La Sportiva Mutant clings like claws

On wet, muddy, and highly technical terrains, the Mutant's outsole "sticks." It's so tacky, trail runners claim it inspires confidence on the run. 

La Sportiva Mutant outsole

It mutes out the harshness of the trails

The La Sportiva Mutant has protection written all over it. From the bottom up, it shields the feet from rocks and roots. 

La Sportiva Mutant tongue

In the upper, it has the same protective tongue as the Altra Lone Peak. It's cushioned, there are no reports of debris getting in the shoe.

The midsole, meanwhile, is "very sturdy," experts claim their feet can't feel the impact during each foot strike. 

Your foot has all the support it needs

The midsole is nowhere near cushy soft. It's firm, runners say their feet are steady and don't roll far to the sides. 

La Sportiva Mutant heel stabilizer

Even better, it has a TPU heel stabilizer that does a handsome job of keeping the heel locked in place. So much so, not one has experienced any heel slip. 

Takes a long time before you scratch it

This is what impressed the majority of reviewers. According to them, they (ab)used the La Sportiva Mutant on technical trails, and they barely put a gash on it. 

La Sportiva Mutant mesh upper

They even estimate it to last between 400-500 miles. 

Made for those who live and breathe supportive uppers

It doesn't have much stretch to it, allowing it to deliver a snug wrap around the foot. Even more, it follows the shape and contours of the foot. 

La Sportiva Mutant support

Sweat-free feet coming right up

Made with an abrasion-resistant mesh upper, the Mutant from La Sportiva maximizes airflow. Even those who have taken it under humid conditions report that their feet "never felt hot." 

La Sportiva Mutant breathability

Lockdown won't take much of your time

With its lacing system, your foot will not only be held securely in place; it will also allow you to lace-up quickly. 

La Sportiva Mutant lacing system

The Mutant is not the comfiest

Like other trail shoes, the La Sportiva Mutant is on the stiffer side. 

Won't break the bank, but will dig deep into your pockets

At $130, many experts find it "slightly expensive." 

Wide-footed runners, beware!

The Mutant from La Sportiva doesn't have a lot of space in the forefoot. It can be constricting for those with large feet. 

La Sportiva Mutant toe box