Our verdict

The Phantom 3.0 is a simple and straightforward shoe from the up-and-coming brand Kailas. We discovered that it works best as a hybrid shoe and it takes us from the door to the trail. The Phantom stands out as a noticeably lighter and cheaper alternative to shoes with similar characteristics. And we can totally affirm that it comes with no compromise in comfort or cushioning.


  • Well-cushioned
  • Versatile (road-to-trail)
  • Very lightweight for its stack
  • Protective toebox
  • Decent breathability
  • Secure lockdown
  • Affordable for its category


  • Not for wide feet
  • Shallow lugs

Audience verdict


Who should buy the Kailas Phantom 3.0

We believe that the Phantom 3.0 is likely to match your needs if you are after a shoe that:

  • has a versatile road-to-trail outsole
  • is generously cushioned yet lightweight


Who should NOT buy the shoe

Phantom 3.0 is not your best bet if you need an aggressive trail shoe for demanding terrain. Shoes like Kailas Fuga DU and Fuga EX 2 come with much deeper lugs, 3.2 mm, and 4.0 mm respectively.

Outside of Kailas, you might as well consider the Salomon Pulsar Trail. This shoe has a roomier toebox.


Fairly breathable for summer runs

While it may not be your first choice for the warmest days, the Kailas Phantom 3.0 proves to be breathable enough for moderate temperatures.

Kailas Phantom 3.0 (left), Adidas Runfalcon (right)

Assessing the shoe's ventilation capacity by how much smoke is passing through the fabric, we rated it as 3 out of 5, where 5 is the most breathable.

This video shows the most breathable areas of the upper as they are more transparent when put against a bright light.

One of the detractors of the shoe's breathability could be its well-padded tongue. We measured its thickness at 6.2 mm while the average is 5.8 mm.


Generously cushioned shoe for long runs

The Phantom 3.0 is yet another addition to Kailas' max-cushioned family of trail shoes above 35 mm.

Using calipers, we measured the heel stack of the shoe at 35.5 mm. This is 2.6 mm thicker than the average in running shoes.


As for the forefoot, it turns out to be 25 mm, 0.6 m thicker than average. The difference between 35.5 and 25 mm gives us a heel-to-toe drop of 10.5 mm. This offset is most suitable for beginner runners and heel strikers.


Disclaimer: All stack measurements are taken with the insole included.

The insole of the Kailas Phantom 3.0 is 4.5 mm thick in the heel area. This is right at the average of running shoes.


Amazingly lightweight for its stack height!

Those in search of a max-cushioned running shoe with a 35mm+ heel are going to be delighted by the Kailas Phantom 3.0.


The average weight of running shoes with this stack height hovers around 9.5 oz (270 g), while the Kailas Phantom 3.0 comes in at an impressive weight of 8.6 oz (245 g).


Phantom 3.0 is neither too plush nor firm

This Kailas shoe strikes a balance between soft and firm, creating a rather smooth and consistent ride.

Based on our durometer measurement of the foam, it is only 4.6% firmer than the average.


Disclaimer: The photo shows our final measurement. We take five to ensure accuracy.

Buttery heel-to-toe transitions

A combination of the shoe's balanced cushioning, curvy sole, and flexibility create a nice and smooth transition to the toe-off.

The shoe bends easily together with the foot.

Measuring the shoe's resistance, we found that it is 10.5% more pliable than the average.

In a manual assessment of twisting and bending the Phantom 3.0, we rated both the shoe's longitudinal and torsional flexibility as 3 out of 5.

A note to those who plan to take the shoe out in cold weather:


The shoe stiffens up when exposed to low temperatures. After 20 minutes in the freezer, the shoe lost 83% of its flexibility! For comparison, most shoes only get about 45% stiffer. So, a little breaking in is likely to be needed on a chilly day to reveal the shoe's true cushioning potential.

Stability is OK in the Kailas Phantom 3.0

The shoe is not equipped with any kind of stabilizing technology. There are no dual-density foams, shanks, or plates to maximize surefootedness. However, you can expect a decent level of steadiness from this Kailas shoe.

The same can be said about the shoe's sole width - it is just standard. We measured the widest forefoot area at 109.9 mm, while the average is 112.1 mm.


Back in the heel, the width is 90.1 mm compared to the average of 89.1 mm.


Hard-packed trails and roads only

At first, we weren't even sure which category this shoe belongs to.


On the official brand's product page, it is tagged as a trail shoe and the shoe's got "Hard Terrains" written on its sole. However, that same brand page says "Recommended Use: paved roads."


Adding to the confusion is the shoe's actual lug depth - 1.8 mm. This is much thinner than the average 3.3 mm of trail running shoes.


The bottom line seems to be that it is a hybrid shoe that is most suitable for light trails and roads.

Phantom 3 is snug and form-fitting

As stated on the brand's website, the Kailas Phantom 3.0 has an "ASIA-FIT." This might explain the fact that it fits so close to the foot. In our opinion, the shoe is best for narrow-to-average feet.


Looking at the shoe's toebox, we found it to be of medium width. In its widest part, it measures 96.9 mm. This is 1.2 mm narrower than the average.


On the bright side, the shoe's heel counter is very well structured and stiff. We assessed its stiffness as 5 out of 5. It provides a firm clutch that prevents heel slippage or excessive ankle movement.

Sizing needs to be double checked

Unlike most popular running shoe brands, Kailas makes its footwear based on the EU sizing scheme. That's why some of the common US sizes are missing for the Phantom 3.0 (like men's US 8 and 9).

But there are a few tips that can help you choose the right size in Kailas:

1. Find a shoe that fits you well and check its CH or MM measurement. It should be a three-digit number, like 260, or 26.0. Alternatively, you can go further and measure your foot length.

2. Open Kailas' official shoe size chart and see which US size matches your CH/MM measurement.

Based on our tests, the Phantom 3.0 runs true to size (based on Kailas' chart).


We measured the internal length of the shoe in a men's US 8.5 and compared it to Kailas' official size chart:

Our measurement Kailas
265.1 mm* 260 mm

*Provided that there should be at least 5 mm of extra space between the toes and the end of the shoe.

Basic laces do the job

Unlike the more expensive Kailas shoes, like the Fuga EX 2 or the Fuga Pro 4, that feature the brand's proprietary speed lacing technology, the Phantom comes with a traditional set of laces.