Our verdict

Great shoe for daily use and those seeking to retain and regain support, especially in the Metatarsal area. It's true to size but I needed a little time to break in. At first, I did get a few blisters due to the stiff midsole causing rubbing/irritation.


  • True to size
  • Very comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Breathable
  • Dries well
  • Easy to put on


  • Blisters due to toebox
  • Stiff
  • Less durable

Audience verdict


Hoka Bondi 6 review

I have been running 10K every single day for over a year now and had gone through several pairs and styles of Brooks, but couldn’t break free of the constant pain and pressure developing in the metatarsal areas. This is why I switched to Hoka Bondi 6 for the first time.

I desperately needed some additional support at the mid-front of the shoe and towards the toes.

I will admit that I was a little skeptical at first after our local running store told me that the Hoka does not hold up as well as the Brooks overtime. However, I needed to try something to help with the pain!

Structure & General overview of the Bondi 6

I’ve been very pleasantly surprised with the durability, support, and cushion. I was (and still am) amazed at the support and cushioning I desperately needed in the metatarsal area.

I could tell an immediate difference after the first run and my feet were so happy. This support continued to impress me over time, and anytime going uphill or stairs. I felt the support throughout and knew this was what my body needed on a day to day basis. 

After about 150 miles, in them, the structure of the shoe started to suffer, but the cushioning that I want, remain firm (a huge positive)!

The best positive about the shoe is the forefront foot support. It certainly alleviated some of the pain that I had. I am very grateful to take some of that pressure off the front of my foot.

Another positive I like about the shoe is the loop on the back of the shoe to help you pull it snug and onto your feet. Typically, I don’t want to tie and re-tie shoes once I have a good knot that works well.

I typically slip on and slip off shoes, which can lead to the breakdown in the back of the shoe and cause discomfort. But having this loop to step into the shoe and a pullback on, fixes that problem.

Durability after 150 miles

While the shoe has certainly exceeded my mileage expectations, around that 150-mile marker, the shoe is starting to show signs of fatigue in its structure and durability on the top of the shoe.  

The platform started to show some cracks, which I expected and not a big deal, but the issue was more so the stitching between the mesh material and the shoe itself which is starting to come apart. This provides a significant issue, especially road running in wet conditions.

I got blister in the Bondi 6

A major negative of the shoe, are the blisters formed on the big toe and overtime around the inner foot midsole. 

Fellow runners shared similar experiences with Hoka and said a specific type of sock could help with it, which turned me off since I do not want to incur additional costs to add to the already high $150+ price point.  

My feet are pretty beat up and can handle the blisters, but nothing seemed to alleviate the pinch in the toe and inner mid-sole. Band-Aids help fight/contain blisters though.

I Tried different lacing techniques but still never got that perfect fit feel that I enjoyed so much in the previous Brooks versions used.

Another disadvantage would be the sole of the shoe, there was noticeable “wear and tear” after a few runs, but the rubber held up over time and didn’t become an issue.


Hoka is working towards improving their aesthetics and catering to a wider and different market. I do believe the shoe breaks the mold/stereotype as an “old man” shoe.

Personally, aesthetics are at the bottom of my priorities and devote my attention to support and how my body responds. I’m confident that Hoka will continue to make different models that are more popular across generations.

Overall the shoe certainly has exceeded all expectations as far as the support and comfort goes, and the size fits as it should. However, the big toe blister is a deal breaker for me.

I want to try a different make and model and see this problem addressed in the future. Price is a bit on the higher side, and as a 34-year-old 10k a day roadrunner, I don’t believe this is the best daily running shoe.

However, I would certainly recommend for daily walking and general use.