4 Best Waterproof Walking Shoes in 2023

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4 Best Waterproof Walking Shoes in 2023
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Stay dry and own the streets or even the trails in waterproof walking shoes with various models we have tried and examined. There’s no need for you to come in out of the rain with any of these sneakers. 

Yes, there’s no need for you also to invest in another pair of hiking boots to get you walking outside in the rain. Walking kicks from several brands now are specifically constructed for rainy weather. These pieces have combined all the features of walking footwear and waterproof design.

For all-day walking comfort and protection against water splashes or rain, we’ve listed the best waterproof walking shoes among all the ones we have tested. We have subjected each pair to rigorous tests to assess their quality and overall value.

Best waterproof walking shoes overall

What makes it the best?

Not your ordinary waterproof walking shoes – this is the On Cloud 5 Waterproof. It’s our top-pick walking shoe because, in rain and snow, it gets our feet out of any wet situation dry as a bone. The best part is it’s waterproof, but it doesn’t spoil the stellar in-shoe feel and the overall walking experience. 

We got our smoke machine, microscope, and expertise to work to test the level of waterproofing of this shoe. To see how prohibitive the upper was, we drove smoke inside the shoe and gauged the amount that was emancipated. Seeing that the upper freed a small amount of smoke, we scored the breathability 1/5. To substantiate our findings, we looked over our microscope and discovered that the upper is very closely knitted, making it extremely difficult for fluid to seep through.

We also felt safe wandering over wet grounds because of the stability brought by the shoe. We measured the midsole width in the heel and forefoot at 83.7 mm and 104.6 mm. While these measurements are 4.6% and 4.8% behind the average, we still felt balance and steadiness even in puddles.

Comfort-wise, the midsole is 17.4% harder than average at 30.4 HA, providing us with pleasant springs on our strides. Beware, though, this did get 37.9% harder when we put the shoe inside our freezer for 20 minutes. Unless you don’t mind warming up the shoe first for your snowy adventures, look for another pair.


  • Perfect for all-day wear
  • Super light for its kind
  • Easy on-and-off
  • Amazing in-shoe feel
  • Sustainable materials (40%)
  • Regular laces are added
  • Reflective elements


  • Catches rocks and debris
  • Can get smelly
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Best waterproof walking shoes for flat feet

What makes it the best?

The waterproof walking shoe we tested to be the most perfect for flat footers is the Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX. This shoe is fully enveloped with GORE-TEX, allowing us to walk on water without our feet being swamped. Besides, it has a very supportive sole that takes the discomfort away from our heels and arches. It also successfully restrained our feet from moving from side to side, which was totally awesome!

As if our actual dipping of shoes in streams isn’t proof enough, we also performed lab tests to verify Pro 3D GTX’s waterproofness. We discharged smoke inside the shoe and based on our observation, a small amount managed to exit, scoring only 1/5 in breathability. This conveyed how impervious the shoe is. Additionally, we witnessed how sealed the upper is when we placed it above a bright light, showing an almost poreless material.

Cushioned but firm - thanks to this kind of cushioning, inward rolling became one less of our concerns with our flat feet. Upon investigating in our lab, we found that the midsole has a level of firmness of 39 HA, which is 39.3% harder than the average. Another contributing factor to the overpronation-less strides is its stiffness which we measured at 51.7N. This surpassed the average by 63.6%.

While this shoe’s waterproof, we don’t find it super grippy on wet and muddy routes. In fact, we measured the lug depth at 2.9 mm and this is 17% below average. At this depth, the traction is not as strong. Due to this, we advise being extra cautious when walking on slippery roads.


  • Outstanding waterproofing
  • Highly durable
  • Stable platform
  • Solid grip
  • Also great for hiking
  • Roomy toebox
  • Convenient lacing


  • Heavy
  • Stiff sole
  • Narrow midfoot
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Best value waterproof walking shoes

What makes it the best?

Of all the waterproof walking shoes that we took to our inclement walks and in our lab, the one we can say with the best value is the Nike Pegasus Trail 3 GTX. At a price point of $160, which by the way, is only 6% pricier than other waterproof pairs, this is surely the best deal. Our main reason is the fact that we can switch from road to trail and it still performs consistently, from grip to stability and smooth heel-to-toe transitions.

Our feet were untouched by moisture the whole time we were in Pegasus Trail 3 GTX, even when we spilled liquid over its upper. In our lab, our smoke test established evidence of this. When we blew smoke into the shoe’s mouth, hardly any air escaped from the upper, scoring 1/5 in breathability. The water resistance, though, is fantastic!

Despite being covered with Gore-Tex, this shoe is not a burden on the legs at 10.9 oz (311.0g), especially compared to other GTX shoes, making it 5.2% lighter than average. Even though it’s light, it’s very stable. In our subjective judgment, we both rated its torsional rigidity and heel counter stiffness a solid 3/5, which is close to the 3.1 and 3.2 average ratings. On foot, this prevented our ankles from twisting.

However, at $160, we expected more on durability. Not a hundred miles in yet and we already spotted wear and tear not just on the outsole but also the upper. Therefore, we don’t recommend Pegasus Trail 3 GTX to those who wish for a robust pair.


  • Fantastic waterproofing
  • Grips on everything dry and wet
  • Great for road-to-trail transitions
  • Also for hiking
  • Responsive
  • Stable on rocky terrain
  • Supports moderately flat feet
  • Straight-out-the-box comfort
  • Lighter than other GTX shoes
  • Locked-in heel
  • Worth every penny


  • Lacks durability
  • Not for summer runs
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Waterproof walking shoes with the best style

What makes it the best?

We discovered the perfect fusion of waterproof ability and a trendsetting style is present in the Nike Air Max 90 GTX, which is why it’s our top walking shoe out there! While this shoe effectively insulated our feet from the cold and water, the elements didn’t diminish its quality in any way. Also, its profile is far away from the usual boring styles of GTX shoes – it’s actually banging!

We tried this shoe in the rain, in winter, and in puddles, and no liquid ever touched our feet while in the Air Max 90 GTX. The great thing about this shoe is even when there is no water around, we still enjoy sporting it everywhere because of its fashionable silhouette that is a delight to dress up or down.

And even though we exposed this shoe to moisture besides daily usage, the Air Max 90 GTX remained strong and undamaged. However, this shoe set us back by $160, which might be justifiable because of its resistance to water but is still 80.6% more expensive than the average walking shoe. If this is too steep for you, we recommend searching for cheaper waterproof alternatives.


  • Waterproof
  • Insanely comfortable
  • Attracts repeat buyers
  • Classic and elegant
  • Clean-looking
  • Many great colorways
  • Well-built
  • Great quality
  • Perfect for the cold season


  • On the narrow side
  • Overly expensive
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Comparison of the 4 best waterproof walking shoes

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How we test walking shoes

To select our top recommendations, we bring all the walking sneakers we test to the RunRepeat shoe testing lab. After vetting all of them with care, we lace up the shoes for long walks and exploration around city streets. These are the steps involved:

  • Buy waterproof walking footwear from different brands for the tests. We spend the money we have to ensure our reviews are not influenced by outside parties.
  • Walk at least 10,000 steps in each model. We then give our final assessments of its fit, comfort, waterproof features, arch support, motion control, cushioning, weight, stability, durability, and more.
  • Subject the shoes to the wear and tear of walking routines and all-day wear.
  • We cut the shoes into chunks so we can see and assess every little detail there is in each of them.
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