10 Best Running Shoes For Underpronation in 2022

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10 Best Running Shoes For Underpronation in 2022

Are you tired of compensating your gait to prevent hurting your arches and ankles? If so, the time is now to wear the best underpronation running shoes.

We've tested over a hundred pairs of these gait-corrective kicks for your shopping convenience. Indeed, the top picks you see here range from the best all-rounders to the race-worthiest to the most cushioned. So, if you haven't yet, we implore you to bookmark this page.

How we choose the best underpronation running shoes

The most formidable running shoes for underpronators are assembled here by yours truly. Here's our approach:

  • Brands don't send us kicks for free. In other words, we buy all tested running shoes with our own money.
  • At our lab, we put these shoes through various tests. We discover their nuances this way.
  • Our testers run at least 30 miles to discover each shoe's strengths.
  • We sift through reports from thousands of regular runners and gear experts and include their feedback in our reviews.

We then assign a CoreScore to every reviewed underpronation kick. Their ranks and areas of expertise determine their place in this selection. 

Best running shoes for underpronation overall

The Ghost 14 from Brooks really fits the bill as the shoe for all runners. It's a workhorse that's comfy enough for easy days, responsive for tempo sessions, and is heavy-duty to handle light trails. Overall, a no-fuss daily trainer that will work for all your runs!
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Among all the shoes we've tested, nothing comes close to how the Saucony Endorphin Speed fits the bill as a speedster that can certainly go the distance! Whether it's a 10K, half marathon, or marathon, you can set PBs in this baby! If you're looking for an all-rounder that can both go fast and slow, this is NOT it. It's made for speed, and it sticks to that!
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Best road running shoes for underpronation

If you want a shoe that screams comfort, we couldn't recommend the Brooks Ghost 13 enough! It's a neutral daily trainer that's padded so generously all throughout, it felt like a couch to our feet. It didn't make us run fast, but it made our feet stable and protected from all the pounding on the pavement - easily, this is our champion on long, easy-paced runs!
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The Brooks Glycerin 19 is Brooks' softest running shoe yet. It's a long-time favorite daily trainer that's built on comfort and stability. It's not peppy, but if you're looking for a consistent ride, this is it. As a true Brooks, it's a shoe that's built to last!
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Best trail running shoes for underpronation

The Salomon XT-6 has been a hugely popular shoe for nearly a decade both for its looks and its ability to take you anyway on a trail. With heaps of protection, insane grip, and a responsive, speedy ride the XT-6 is still a relevant trail shoe to help you explore the less beaten trails. It’s a shoe that’s sure to leave you confident traversing steep gradients, or comfy at the end of a long hike.
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The Pegasus road series just holds a special place in our feet, we just had to see it in trail action. And voila! 50 miles later, the Nike Pegasus Trail 3 won us over with its uber plush landings! Unlike other trail shoes, it's NOT dense nor dull, it's stable and comfy and will make your run cloud-like. When faced with slick surfaces, however, it shows its limitations.
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Best Nike running shoes for underpronation

If there's one thing we can't take away from the Pegasus 38, it's that it's the GOAT of all workhorse shoes in our arsenal! It oozes with plushness, stability, and pop, doing it all from slow days, tempo sessions, and gym workouts even. If you want to run with fun, take the Pegasus any day!
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In the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2, our feet just felt locked in place! And even after rough wear testing, this daily trainer proved itself a durable shoe. It's loaded with lots of cushion that's not too soft nor too rigid, making it supportive and ideal for heavy runners. As a daily running shoe, it sticks to what it's designed to do - it's not going to make you run fast, but it does offer a smooth, easy ride.
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Best budget running shoes for underpronation

At the entry level, there’s usually not a ton to review or write about, but the Nike Quest 4 fills a niche with a trendy-looking shoe at a bargain price. If you desire that Nike swoosh and have less than $80 in your pocket there aren’t many options, but surprisingly this stylish trainer fits the bill and isn’t all that bad!
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What are the cheapest running shoes for underpronation in 2022?

  1. Reebok Endless Road 2 - from $30
  2. Adidas Galaxy 5 - from $30
  3. Reebok Speed Breeze 2 - from $32
  4. Reebok Lite 2.0 - from $35
  5. Adidas EQ21 - from $35
  6. Saucony Cohesion 14 - from $35
  7. Asics Gel Scram 6 - from $35
  8. Asics Gel Excite 8 - from $36
  9. Adidas Pureboost 21 - from $38
  10. Adidas Edge Gameday - from $39
  11. Reebok Floatride Fuel Run - from $39
  12. Reebok Flashfilm 3.0 - from $39
  13. Adidas SL20.2 - from $39
  14. Asics Gel Torrance 2 - from $40
  15. Puma Speed Sutamina - from $40

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