10 Best Red Tennis Shoes in 2021

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Best overall

With its attention to design and comfort, the Asics Resolution 8 lets you run across the court without aching feet from the get-go. There is no going wrong with this shoe if you are a casual or serious player. From its grip and durability to its comfort and style, this is an amazingly well-designed shoe that will surprise you!
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A modified version of the Court Novak FF, the Asics Court FF 2 is crafted for aggressive players who tend to push their games to the limits. This dynamic speed trainer is made up of supportive, durable, flexible, and comfy components all in a lightweight makeup. Its reasonable price point is another reason why it remains a well sought-after tennis shoe from Asics.
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Best all court

Wilson Rush Pro 3.0
Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 Wilson Rush Pro 3.0

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Top pick
Just when Wilson loyalists thought the brand had exhausted all when it dropped the powerhouse third-gen Rush Pro, they received another pumped-up treatment. This time it’s the release of the Wilson Rush Pro 3.0. Such an all-court successor retained the best attributes of the previous cut, but with much-improved ventilation in a lighter built. It’s quite pricier than the earlier dynamo, but the added cost is equivalent to oodles of benefits geared for comfort and stability.
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Fila Axilus 2 Energized is snagged by pros as they come stable and durable. If Fila fans adored the supportive build of the original model, they might find the modified Axilus 2 more appealing. Fila tweaked on the fitting and upper design a bit to enhance the shoe’s breathability and improve its comfort feel. The brand also kept the hallmark features of the flagship all-court trainer, so it remains to be supportive. It’s one of the extremely affordable trainers backed by an outsole durability guarantee.
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Best hard court

As a speed-oriented tennis shoe, the Asics Solution Speed FF 2 offers a plush cushioning suitable for aggressive movers. It has the stability for fast lateral cuts, and a grip that is not overly sticky for speedy movements on the court. The upper of the tennis shoe also offers added support for side-to-side movements, but for players who want plenty of stability, the Gel Resolution 8 is the best option.
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Asics dropped another reasonably-priced and technically-advanced speed trainer that’s meant to stay light on the feet, the Solution Speed FF. With its FlyteFoam feature, this Speed FF shoe is fitted for intermediate and seasoned pros who are not only inclined to stable and supportive court trainers but aptly cushioned ones as well. Despite some minor setbacks like the lack of breathability at the forefoot, this shoe is packed with the essentials needed during quick on-the-court hustles.
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Best clay court

Adidas Solecourt Boost is a breakaway from the top-performing Barricade series. Though it’s quite heavy on the wallet, this updated clay court trainer is full of hallmark features. Like the Barricades, it’s loaded with clay-specific supportive features from its textile upper, down to its grippy sole. It’s simply an ace Three-Stripe tennis shoe that doesn’t fall short on stability, durability, comfort, support, and traction.
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Best budget

Next to its killer looks, the NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 excels in stability, durability, and comfort. The aesthetic and technical components integrated into this hard court shoe make it by far more advanced than the past Cage and Vapor iterations. The Kurim rubber gets an innovative twist, working as a supportive caging system on the upper. The Zoom Air is ready for impactful hard court games while keeping the aggressive court spinners and toe draggers close to the ground.
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Yonex beefs up its Eclipsion series with a durable, comfy, and cushioned third-generation shoe fitted for any court. Yonex PC Eclipsion 3 gets you moving for those killer shots as it’s integrated with midfoot technologies that powerfully attenuate shock and help you get focused on the ball. Even with a low ankle collar, this shoe feels stable.
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