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          Scarpa hiking boots

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          buy scarpa hiking boots for men and women

          You will surely to enjoy your hike when you wear high-quality gear like Scarpa hiking boots. Every mid-cut or high-cut hiker from Scarpa is infused with various technologies to keep you stable over challenging terrain and provide ample protection. These features are also designed to support your feet and create a comfortable environment for them while you’re out and about. You can also count on the brand’s experience in producing quality footwear over the years. If you’re in need of a pair that can prove useful for your trip, Scarpa’s hiking boots are one of the options you should consider.

          Characteristics of the best men's and women's Scarpa hiking boots

          best scarpa hiking boots
          Best Scarpa hiking boots - December 2019

          Not every hiking boot is the same. Each model has its own set of characteristics that set them apart from each other. The same can be said about Scarpa hiking boots. These hikers offer all sorts of benefits for outdoor lovers everywhere. Here are some of them:


          Scarpa hiking boots are built to give a precise fit so you can move better on the trail. These components all function as one so you won’t have any fitting problems when on the move. The brand’s best hikers use Sock Fit technology. It’s a construction that uses a continuous piece of elastic fabric running from the tongue all the way to the toe box. This technology reduces pressure points while providing a vacuum-feel around the foot.

          Scarpa’s hiking boot lasts are designed to provide a good anatomical fit.  The footgear’s lacing system is responsible for distributing pressure across your foot. This system also has a set of speed hooks located on the upper shaft to secure your ankles faster.

          What are the things I should know before fitting a pair of Scarpa hiking boots?

          • Scarpa offers a wide variety of mid and high-cut boots for men and women.
          • Sizes for men range from 5 to 15. Women’s sizes are from 5 to 10 .
          • It’s important to wear your hiking socks when trying on a new pair. This will give you an idea of how your target pair actually feels when worn.
          • Keep in mind that your foot grows a little bigger over the course of the day. It’s wiser to try on a boot during the afternoon to get the exact fit.
          • Most Scarpa hiking boots are based upon the Euro size scale. A single size under this classification is equivalent to 6.6mm. As a point of reference, the standard US size is equal to 8.46mm. If you’re ordering online, you can refer to Scarpa’s sizing guide  so you’ll have the precise fit from your target hiking boots.


          Comfort is the key to unlock an enjoyable outdoor adventure. Scarpa hiking boots are equipped with features to keep your feet nice and comfy throughout the entire trip. The brand’s patented Sock Fit is not just technology for fit. It is also used in its best hikers to provide exceptional glove-like comfort. This construction consists of an elastic fabric that links the tongue, flex point, and collar together to form a single unit.   Other boot models use a gusseted tongue , flex point collar, and cuff filled with padding  for extra comfort. On the inside, there’s a footbed that grants underfoot cushioning . When all of these boot components come together, every stride you make on the trail is comfier.

          Do I still need to break my new Scarpa hiking boots in?

          The answer depends on what kind of boot you’re getting. There are Scarpa hikers that, according to consumers, need no breaking in. As for the brand’s suede and nubuck leather hiking boots, they need to be broken in before your trip. The materials on these boots need to soften up first, or they’re going to be a problem for your foot on the trail. Just allocate a few hours every day to walk in your Scarpa hiking boots, and they’ll be trail-ready.


          Keeping your feet planted on the ground is easier said than done during a hike. Fortunately, Scarpa hiking boots provide ample traction to help you overcome varied ground conditions. Take a look underneath the brand’s hikers, and you’ll see an aggressive tread pattern filled with multi-directional lugs. These lugs dig into the ground to keep your footing steady. At the same time, your braking ability  is enhanced as well. The outsole’s self-cleaning grooves  add more traction by shedding mud and debris as you move. No matter what model you choose, these boots make you more confident in tackling obstacles without the fear of slipping. Also, Scarpa hiking boots are a significant upgrade over any pair of hiking sandals or hiking shoes in terms of traction.


          Traversing all sorts of trail obstacles with a heavy backpack is more challenging than you realize. Scarpa hiking boots are remarkable in supporting your feet and the weight you’re carrying. The brand’s best hikers use a midsole that combines polyurethane and ethylene-vinyl acetate.  This midsole configuration grants excellent cushioning and support. Select hiking boots are imbued with ankle flex points that conform to your movement easily. This feature still supports your ankles without restricting them too much.  Over at the back, there’s a tension system that provides ample support to your heels and prevents them from twisting the wrong way.   Overall, the support you’re going to get from a pair of Scarpa hiking boots won’t let you down.


          Keeping your feet dry is a must when you’re going for a hike. Therefore, there will be instances where it's necessary to obtain waterproof hikers.

          The Italian company’s boots are designed to hinder water from soaking your feet. Their best hikers are fitted with a Perwanger suede upper  as the first line of defense against wet trail conditions. Water beads and rolls off when it comes into contact with this material. Also, Scarpa hiking boots are coated with a Durable Water Repellent  solution to enhance its resistance to liquid.

          When the DWR-coated Perwanger suede upper isn’t enough, you can count on a waterproof liner to get the job done. The best Scarpa hiking boots are imbued with a Gore-Tex membrane, the industry standard in terms of waterproofness. This specialized fabric is efficient in preventing water absorption while allowing perspiration to pass through it. The combination of a waterproof liner and a DWR-coated upper in these Scarpa hiking boots gives you the edge over unpredictable weather and all sorts of wet trail conditions.


          Hiking footwear is an investment that should last for a long time. Scarpa hiking boots are built with durability as one of its main qualities. The brand’s mid-cut hikers and high-cut hikers use an upper made of suede , nubuck , or full-grain leather . These upper materials are known to be resistant to abrasions and the elements. A few Scarpa hiking boots are endowed with synthetic uppers with mesh fabrics . Although they’re less durable than leather, these synthetic materials can still hold their own in most trail conditions.

          Scarpa hiking boots feature a toe rand  over at the forefoot section. This rand helps protect the boot from scuffs and abrasions. Over at the back, there’s a heel box  for additional sturdiness. Both of these components boost the boot’s durability against wear and tear.

          Premium Scarpa hiking boots use Vibram outsoles. These heavy-duty rubber outsoles can withstand constant bending and contact with the ground. All in all, hiking boots manufactured by Scarpa are a competent choice if you’re looking for long-lasting outdoor footwear.

          Stand-out qualities of the best Scarpa hiking boots for men and women


          Scarpa’s humble beginnings started out in 1938 when Rupert Edward Cecil Lee Guinness, an Anglo-Irish entrepreneur and politician, hired skilled leather craftsmen for various business ventures.  By 1942, Luigi Parisotto joined the company as an apprentice. It wasn’t until 1956 when Luigi, along with his brothers Francesco and Antonio, took over Scarpa and started manufacturing leather footwear. At the onset of the 60s, Scarpa’s annual production increased from 10,000 to 12,000 pairs of shoes. The company also entered markets in the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Canada.

          During the 1970s, Scarpa started offering boots for mountaineers and hikers. The brand hasn’t stopped since then. As of the present, the Italian company offers a wide range of footwear products for alpine touring, ski-mountaineering, and high-altitude technical climbing.

          Scarpa hiking boots remain to be a solid choice, both for consumers and expert reviewers. Outdoor gear websites often recommend Scarpa hiking boots to adventure lovers. From its factory in Italy , the brand has established its presence in most markets all over the world. In addition, you can find your target pair online and have it easily delivered to your location.

          Prominent Scarpa hiking boot lines

          Scarpa offers various hiking boot models that are designed for specific uses and environments. Shown below are some of the brand’s well-known hikers.

          • Zodiac Plus. The Scarpa Zodiac Plus line is among the best hiking boots offered by the brand. Hiking boots from this line feature a suede leather upper and Vibram outsole. Popular outdoor gear websites have garnered favorable reviews upon the Zodiac Plus, making it a recommended option for any hiker.The Scarpa Terra line is characterized by its old-school look. These hiking boots feature a smoothed full-grain leather upper and lightweight construction. They also come with Gore-Tex waterproof liners, making them the perfect choice for day hikers everywhere.
          • Terra. The Scarpa Terra line is characterized by its old-school look. These hiking boots feature a smoothed full-grain leather upper and lightweight construction. They also come with Gore-Tex waterproof liners, making them the perfect choice for day hikers everywhere.
          • Mistral. Scarpa hiking boots under the Mistral line are very cushy and lightweight. They offer moderate ankle support, comfortable in-shoe feel, and water protection. These boots are perfect if you want to go for a quick day hike.
          • Kailash. The Scarpa Kailash GTX is classified as a midweight boot that’s ideal for rugged day hikes. This footwear is equipped with a waterproof liner, a Vibram outsole, and the brand’s patented Active.Fit technology. The Kailash is offered in several models that cater to different outdoor activities. There’s the Kailash Lite  for the weekend day hiker. If you’re looking something light but doesn’t compromise on ankle support or performance, the Scarpa Kailash Trek GTX  is for you. Lastly, the Kailash Plus GTX  features a more rugged style for multi-day backpackers.
          • Hydrogen Hike. The Scarpa Hydrogen Hike combines the performance of a trail runner with the ankle support and ruggedness of a hiking boot. This boot is ideal for fastpacking or day hiking.
          • Morraine. The Scarpa Morraine is a supportive day hiking boot with ample protection against water. It’s one of the brand’s lightweight hiking boot offerings that deliver a lot of value for the price.


          Scarpa hiking boots are more expensive than what other competitors are offering. The brand’s mid and high-cut hikers are filled with all sorts of technologies to improve your performance on the trail and protect your feet better. The most affordable Scarpa hiking boots start at $160  while top-of-the-line models are priced at $250 .

          Shoe Technologies

          Scarpa hiking boots are loaded with various technologies  to help you hike better and keep your feet safe at the same time. Here are the different features you’ll find in the brand’s hikers.

          • Vibram. The finest Scarpa hiking boots are endowed with Vibram outsoles for remarkable traction. These outsoles are made from high-performance rubber to achieve a satisfactory level of durability. Aggressive lugs dominate the surface of these outsoles to grip better on varied ground conditions.
          • Gore-Tex. Hiking boots fitted with Gore-Tex liners grant its users with exceptional water protection. The waterproof membrane is filled with over nine billion microscopic pores that prevent water from being absorbed while allowing moisture vapor to pass through it. This makes the boot both waterproof and breathable at the same time.
          • Sock Fit. This technology provides an adaptive fit that feels like a sock. The construction system consists of the tongue, ankle flex zone, and collar. An S-Tech Schoeller elastic fabric links all of these parts together to provide a snug and comfy fit.
          • Activ Impact. Boots with Activ Impact technology absorb shock by harnessing the energy you use in each step.
          • Schoeller. The main component used in Scarpa’s Sock Fit technology is a Schoeller fabric. This double fabric is made of tough synthetic materials on the outside and functional fibers on the inside to wick moisture.
          • Speed Lacing. The finest Scarpa hiking boots use a speed lacing system in its configuration. This technology allows you to customize the fit of your hiker and lace it up quickly.
          • 37.5 Cocona. Cocona fabrics use particles produced from coconut shells. This specialized fabric dries faster, manages unpleasant odor, and is resistant to UV rays.

          Frequently asked questions about Scarpa hiking boots

          Are there insulated Scarpa hiking boots?

          The brand’s hikers don’t have any form of insulation to protect you from cold temperatures. If you choose to wear uninsulated footwear, your performance on the trail will be affected. Worse, your feet may freeze off, and you’ll suffer from a nasty case of hypothermia. Plus, the outsoles of these Scarpa hiking boots aren’t built for snowy terrain. It’s better to invest in a pair of winter hiking boots so your feet will be protected well.

          How can I properly maintain my Scarpa hiking boots?

          The brand’s hikers are an important investment for any outdoor junkie. Keeping them in good condition is a must so you can enjoy the hikes to come. Here are some simple steps on how to clean and maintain  your Scarpa hiking boots:

          • After each hike, rinse your hikers using clean water. Get a damp cloth, sponge, or brush to remove dirt or debris from your boots.
          • If soap and water can’t get rid of the dirt, you can use a specialized cleaning product like the cleaning gel recommended by the brand.
          • Dry your Scarpa hiking boots in a spot with proper air circulation. Don’t expose your hikers to direct heat to preserve the quality of your boots.
          • Applying your boots with a waterproofing treatment solution on a regular basis is recommended. But before you proceed, it’s best to check if the solution matches your footgear’s upper. Otherwise, you the solution won’t have any effect at all and can even damage the upper.
          • Take extra care when applying a treatment solution to the tongue, D. rings, and hooks. Applying an excessive amount of solution to these parts can soften the leather and affect the boot’s stitching around them.

          Is it possible to return my Scarpa hiking boots if I discover a defect or if I ordered the wrong size?

          In the event you find a defect, you can return your new boots as long as it is unused . You should return  the product within 60 days of purchasing it. If this is your first time performing this process, you should create an account from the brand’s official website. Once you have done so, you can request a Return Merchandise Authorization, fill up the necessary details, and wait for an approval. If approved, you’ll be given instructions on how to return your defective Scarpa hiking boots and have it exchanged for a new pair.