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buy wide toe box hiking boots for men and women

Go ahead and let your forefoot and toes find solace in the confines of wide toe box hiking boots. These amazing trail-worthy footwear products should not be confused with hikers built around wide molds (also known as lasts). No, such kicks are designed mainly for folks whose forefoot region has the bulk but may not have the same burliness around the heel zone. Some of the best men’s and women’s hiking boots with wide toe box have sturdy uppers, so sporting one translates to safer and more protected adventures on the trail.

The positives and negatives of wearing wide toe box hiking boots

If you are part of that group of people who usually struggle in standard-size shoes, owning a pair of wide toe box hiking boots is not a question. That being said, it would be priceless to know first the advantages and disadvantages of wearing hikers of this type.

The upsides concerning wide toe box hiking boots

Best wide toe box hiking boots - May 2020

  • Trail seekers who are tired of dealing with squished toes will find considerable spacious comfort in these. Hikers that fall under this category make toe-related injuries quite unlikely. Female boot-lovers with long toenails will also find a haven for their tootsies in such shoes.
  • Individuals suffering from bunions may find the roominess of wide toe box hiking boots to be more accommodating than traditional ones. If your bunion problem requires serious attention, consider getting a pair of bunion-friendly hiking shoes instead.
  • Since these boots have a broader toe box than their narrow-toed relatives, they give users a better grasp of the terrain, resulting in improved forefoot stability.
  • Your toes will thank you on more strenuous hikes as pieces of footwear of this sort provide more forefoot room for air circulation, thus preventing stuffiness on the inside for longer.

The downsides concerning wide toe box hiking boots

  • Those who prefer to take on trails with as much agility as possible might find wide toe box hiking boots working against their objective. Shoes of this type may not be considered impossibly cumbersome, but they still very much pale in comparison with some of the lightest over-the-ankle hikers many brands have on offer.
  • Forefoot precision may not be the strongest suit of most hiking boots with a wide toe box. Practice extra caution while negotiating narrow ledges with these on.
  • Their availability may be too few and far between. There is not a lot of brands that produce them, so being extra diligent in finding the right pair (at the right price?) is the way to go.

Brands that offer some of the best women and men’s hiking boots with wide toe box


If you are a fan of Vasque and their collection of boot-type footwear, chances are you have seen a pair or two of their wide toe box hiking boots. Their broad-toed shoes are built around the Perpetuum last which also caters to people who have flatter feet and those with a lower heel volume. Several of their wide-toed offerings come engineered with UltraDry—a Vasque-exclusive lining technology that keeps wet elements at bay on the outside while maintaining a breathable environment on the inside. They also collaborated with Vibram to give some of their boots ample slip and skid resistance over a variety of outdoor surfaces.


Looking for a nice pair of kicks that promise virtually rock-solid support with beautiful aesthetics to boot? Then delight yourself with some of the most ankle-supportive Oboz hikers. A number of their lineup are engineered with a wider forefoot space for better toe splay but with a snug enough rear region for improved heel support. Some of these wide toe box hiking boots are also engineered with BDry, a proprietary liner that promises breathability and waterproofing in the inclement weather. Oh, and did you know that Oboz plants a tree for every pair of their quality hikers sold?


One of the most prominent outdoor shoemakers in the US is Danner. For decades they have been putting out hiking shoes that outdoorsy folks would have many enough reasons to wear whether on or off the trail. They use a special type of last called 610 in giving some of their hike-worthy footwear a broader toe box. Boots built around the 610 last fall under Danner’s true-to-size category, so you can expect a precise, one-to-one fit in such hikers. Finally, kicks molded on this kind of last may have their default full-length insoles replaced with your preferred aftermarket ones.