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          Asolo hiking boots

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          1. Any color
            Asolo Falcon GV - Graphite/Black (A40016505)
            C$310 C$214 Save 31%
          2. Any color
            Asolo Fugitive GTX - Black / Gun Metal (OM3400856)
            Asolo Fugitive GTX - Brown (OM3400508)
            C$360 C$211 Save 41%
          3. Any color
            Asolo Landscape GV LTH - Graphite (A40510516)
            C$260 C$227 Save 13%
          4. C$230 C$185 Save 20%
          buy asolo hiking boots for men and women

          Asolo has a wide selection of hiking boots, alpine mountaineering boots and lifestyle shoes. The Italian brand has established a reputation for producing durable, reliable hiking boots. Through the years, its products became in-demand all over the world. It’s no wonder that Asolo hiking boots are popular among outdoor junkies.

          Tracing its humble beginnings to the time when it was founded by the Zanatta family, in 1946, the shoemaking business employed family members first. After the war, the second generation of the family took over and the business flourished. It was the best time as the market was looking for high-quality footwear.

          In 1975, Giancarlo Tanzi invented the first trekking boot using Cordura materials. He followed through by introducing the first Gore-Tex-lined footwear. These innovations cemented Asolo’s reputation in the market.

          With 40 years of experience and market dominance under its belt, Asolo has gained worldwide recognition. The brand assures its followers that it will continue to create the best quality and innovative products for every outdoor enthusiast.  

          Benefits of men's and women's Asolo hiking boots

          Asolo wouldn’t enjoy its status in the market if not for the products it is producing. Every pair of Asolo hiking boots, for instance, comes with a promise of craftsmanship coupled with excellent technology. Just what makes Asolo hiking boots worth the spend?


          Asolo’s forte is delivering comfortable, stable, and shock-absorbing footwear. Asolo hiking boots are constructed with multiple cylinders, water-resistant uppers, and cushioned footbeds. Taking them out for a hike means walking without any pain or discomfort.


          Each pair of Asolo hiking boots reflects the morphology of the foot. There are specific models for men, women and children, which are patterned after the maintenance of natural and morphological lines of the feet, the gender and the age of the wearer. Patrons of Asolo can find a boot that will suit their needs and taste, but most importantly, they can find a pair that suits their foot size best.  


          Owners of Asolo hiking boots hope that the slightly higher price they pay would translate to a longer time of use. For the most part, the brand doesn’t disappoint. The boots are products of different technologies coming together: weather-resistance features, ankle and arch support, secure lacing systems, and other features all work together so they can tackle the different terrain.


          Good boots hold the wearer in place, even if the terrain is tough. Asolo is one of the few brands that earned the reputation for providing hikers with boots that offer the best support by making each model solid at the bottom and supportive of the arch and ankle. A solid bottom keeps the feet from feeling the rough surface it is walking on. Arch and ankle support makes walking long distances bearable even with a heavy pack to carry. 


          Have you ever wondered what the letter V stands for in some Asolo hiking boots? It stands for Vibram, a rubber sole brand revered by many. Partnering with Vibram is a crucial development in many Asolo hiking boots and mountaineering boots because this intensifies the products’ performance outdoors.


          Another letter that is prominent in many Asolo hiking boots is the letter G which stands for Gore-Tex. As mentioned earlier, Asolo is the first company that introduced the first Gore-Tex-lined footwear. 

          Unique qualities of Asolo hiking boots 

          Owning a pair of Asolo hiking boots is a great investment. For many enthusiasts, Asolo boots give them the most protection, support, and comfort. What truly makes great Asolo hiking boots?

          Popular Asolo hiking boots for men and women

          Asolo hiking boots combine both expert craftsmanship and technology to offer the best outdoor footwear to its followers. Many of the brand’s flagship products were recognized by hiking magazines and groups all over the world.

          A popular Asolo hiking boot is the Power Matic 200 GV. It looks burly, rugged, and cumbersome. But with its full-grain upper, superior stiffness, and utmost protection, it is a boot that is recommended for backpackers, trail crews, and weekend hikers.  

          The Asolo Fugitive GTX is another boot that is popular among hikers because of its roomy interior. This may be boxy but this is getting praises from many hikers for being functional whatever the terrain might be. As this has toe protection and waterproof properties, many hikers consider the boot bomb-proof.  

          Another well-loved model among Asolo hiking boots is the Megaton GV. This is a favorite of many because of its lightness, breathability, and flexibility. The toe protection feature of the Megaton GV is also praised by wearers.  

          For hikers who want something that is breathable, great at covering long distances, supportive even with a heavy pack, the Thyrus GV comes to mind. Aside from its lightness, this pair of Asolo hiking boots are also water-resistant.  

          There is the Asolo Greenwood GV, a hiking boot that is perfect for summer to winter walking. It is also a combination of different technologies and high-quality materials. Hikers love them for being robust and practical.

          Asolo Shiraz is made for backpacking, trekking, and long distance hiking. The water-resistant upper, gripping Asolo/Vibram Ascent sole, Gore-Tex lining, and anatomic footbed are just a few of the things that hikers love about this boot.

          A well-loved summer walking model is Falcon GV. Aside from the water-resistant upper, it also comes with Gore-Tex Extended Comfort lining which makes it a favorable boot to wear during hot days.

          Finally, there is the Lagazuoi GV, a boot made for long-distance treks with a heavy load. According to the brand, its main benefits include smooth movements and roll, optimum protection and great fit. Aside from a couple of colors to choose from, it also comes with a wide fit version.

          A long list of Asolo hiking boots for women is also available. Many of these are women’s version of the men’s line with very little to no difference in technology. The women’s line is made to suit the needs of a woman’s built. Some of the models also play around colorful combinations as opposed to the mostly neutral colors in the men’s line.

          Technologies used

          Have you ever checked the label of Asolo hiking boots and got surprised by the number of technologies incorporated in them? Why is there a need to use different technologies?

          Conquering the outdoors is challenging. Many things pose harm to hikers. In order to protect them, technologies are incorporated into their footwear to give them support and to make tackling different terrain much easier.

          Many Asolo hiking boots use patented Micro Pulley System. This lacing system uses state-of-the-art materials and components. The pulley system facilitates easy lacing and maximum durability without affecting the lightness of the footwear.  

          Recent models of Asolo hiking boots use different lasts, each with specific anatomy to match different criteria and fit characteristics that suit the needs of individuals. Asolo’s Where Fit Happens Technology uses 16 different lasts to manufacture the perfect-fitting footwear.  

          Asolo’s Power Matic Technology comprises three different PU densities that are injected and molded together. The high-density front portion secures and offers maximum stability. The medium density PU element reduces shock and fatigue during landing. Lastly, the low-density PU heel made in conjunction with Vibram assists in shock absorption.  There is also a high-density rubber in the arch area for optimizing support when tackling long distances.

          Some Asolo hiking boots also come with Rock Tech, which means they are fully compatible with semi-automatic crampons. This technology’s goal is to develop highly technical, lightweight, and precision products for technical and mixed-route climbing. 

          To protect Asolo hiking boots from the elements, Gore-Tex technologies are also incorporated. It comes as a no-surprise as Asolo is the first footwear brand to use Gore-Tex lining in its shoe. The membrane and technologies of Gore-Tex give hikers the optimal weather protection.  

          A-fast Technology – Redster is a collaboration between Asolo and Vibram. Asolo hiking footwear with this technology has a double-density molded EVA midsole that guarantees comfort and shock absorption, grip, and self-cleaning action.  

          Schoeller textile is also used for different Asolo hiking boots. Textiles manufactured by the brand are specialized for outdoor products like hiking boots.  

          It is also worth noting that most of the Asolo hiking boots available in the market today are made with Vibram rubber soles. Vibram rubber soles are popular for their deep lugs that provide traction and support on slippery trails. In fact, the Redster technology was developed as a collaboration between the two brands.  


          Asolo is one of the European shoe brands that has successfully penetrated the world market. As it uses different technologies, it is expected that Asolo hiking boots bear more expensive price tags than shoes from less established brands. A pair of hiking boots from the brand is available from $250 to $350.

          Asolo hiking boots FAQs

          What is the proper way of fitting a pair of Asolo hiking boots?

          Visiting a store has its perks especially when it comes to finding the best fit. While store attendants could greatly help, having a bit of knowledge helps in the fitting process. Asolo recommends hikers to bring the socks they will be hiking with and any specialized orthopedic footbeds when trying out a pair.

          A great fit means there is ample space between the shoe and the toes. When the boot is closed, there should be no loose or tight spaces as well. You can also slide an index finger between the ankle and the boot to see if there is just enough space for the foot.

          How long will the Gore-Tex lining on my Asolo hiking boots last?

          Gore-Tex is a waterproofing membrane that keeps water out. Ideally, in the first few outings, the membrane will be completely intact and fine. In fact, it doesn’t break down chemically or wear out. However, since it is sandwiched between two or three materials, the layer will be affected in the natural wear and tear process of the other layers. Therefore, waterproof hikers lined with this technology need a certain kind of care to keep them watertight.

          How long will a pair of Asolo hiking boots last?

          Asolo is a brand that is known for its durability and excellent craftsmanship. Each pair comes with the Asolo guarantee that it is built to last for a long time even with exposure to outdoor elements. However, the length of service of any pair of Asolo hiking boots depends largely on the way it is used. If it is not used according to its intended purpose, not cleaned, and not stored properly, it will prematurely wear out.

          What is the best way to clean and maintain my Asolo hiking boots?

          In order to effectively clean and maintain your pair of Asolo hiking boots, make sure that you follow the cleaning instructions on the label. Take special attention to the kind of brush to use for removing debris or mud, the soap or cleaning agent, and other cleaning needs of the shoe.

          Asolo recommends certain products when cleaning and maintaining footwear. There are also conditioners that can be applied to keep the smoothness of leather boots.

          How should I store my Asolo hiking boots?

          One of the best ways to keep your Asolo hiking boots working for a long time is to properly store them. Make sure that they are kept in a dry, well-ventilated, and clean place. Avoid storing the boots in a humid and hot place. Do not use plastic bags or containers for storing the boots for a long period of time. 

          What should I do if my leather Asolo hiking boots have been soaked in water?

          If your leather boots have been soaked with water and have swollen, make sure to take it to your dealer so it will be restored. If no appropriate action is taken, the boot’s flexibility, fit, and durability will be affected. Without the proper care and attention, the leather will become brittle, pull at the seams, and the boot will be irreparable.

          What is resoling?

          Resoling is the process of fitting a new sole for boots or shoes to replace welted ones. In order to retain the shoe’s shape, the same or a similar last should be used during the resoling process. Resoling will work best if the original materials will be used and are done by professionals familiar with the style of the original maker.

          Can I have my Asolo hiking boots resoled?

          Asolo hiking boots are made using the cemented construction method. This method is a traditional technique where the upper is worked over the insole before attaching the outsole. Cement-lasted footwear can be resoled many times. The process involves removing the old sole and cementing the new sole to the upper.

          All of Asolo’s footwear can be resoled. The company recommends taking old and welted boots to reputable shoemakers, authorized dealers, or directly to Asolo for resoling.