Brooks Ricochet review

Brooks has set out with the goal of making a lightweight shoe with a responsive ride. In some ways, the Ricochet meets those goals in other aspects it falls flat on its face.

My review will focus on the reasons the shoe could work for you (why?), what may not work for you (why not?), and some final thoughts (conclusion).

Comfortable simple upper of the Ricochet

Brooks has constructed a comfortable simple upper. There is minimal stitching or overlays.

The upper is constructed in two pieces one for toebox and another for the midfoot/heel area. This creates a simple shoe with minimal hot spots or areas for concern.

It fit well and worked with my foot right out of the box

The elastic ankle collar is also a plus. It provides the feel of a custom fit.

Those runners with narrow heels and slender ankles will appreciate this feature. The Ricochet was just an overall comfortable shoe.

The Brooks Ricochet is true to size

Once again Brooks makes a shoe with a great fit. This is pretty much true of all the shoes in their lineup.

For the last year, I have had the chance to put miles on 4 different Brooks models and the same can be said for all of them. They all fit great, and they run true to size.

Thick, less breathable upper

Although the mesh upper did provide comfort and seems to be quite durable, the extra material, thick mesh, and sock liner make for a hot shoe.

If you do lots of running in a hot climate and don't want to be sloshing around in wet shoes, this may be a deal-breaker.

One of the heaviest shoes I own

Brooks states on their website "own best energy return, now in a lightweight frame." To be frank, in no way is this shoe lightweight.

My size 11.5 came in at just over 12 ounces. This makes it one of the heaviest shoes I own. If you're going to market lightweight shoes it should be in the 8-ounce range or less.

Although the Ricochet is still heavy it does perform reasonably well during speed and interval workouts. If a couple of ounces were shaved off the Ricochet, Brooks might be a truly great shoe.

Can it work for quite a few different workouts? Yes. Would I put this in the same category as an extremely versatile shoe like the Nike Zoom Elite? No.

Clunky at times

I personally enjoy a shoe with a bit more ground feel. The Ricochet although, responsive, felt a little overbuilt and clunky at times.

As stated earlier shaving a few ounces off the shoe, maybe a couple of millimeters off the midsole might go a long way.

Not grippy on wet sidewalks and asphalt

In a word, disappointing. If a shoe is going to have so a ton of rubber on the outsole, it better grip well. This shoe struggled on wet sidewalks and asphalt.

I didn't have a chance to take these off-road to the trails but, based on its performance on the road I doubt these shoes can handle much beyond a dry gravel path.

Lastly, check out my video review here.

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