Asics Dynablast 2 review

The cushioning of the Asics Dynablast 2 feels nice without sapping energy. They feel very light like the old Tiger shoes yet the sole provides a rocker effect propelling the feet forward after each foot strike. The heel area is supportive without placing pressure on the heel which might chafe. 

The tongue has just enough thickness to protect the top of the foot from lace pressure but not over thick and spongy. I nicknamed the Dynablast 2 “Zippy” in Strava because that is how I feel about them. 

Who should buy it

The Dynablast 2 is perfect for high-mileage runners who:

  • want a shoe that can perform in a race as well as training
  • train on the road and hard surfaces
  • prefer a cushioning that doesn’t feel too spongy

Who should NOT buy it

Consider other running shoes if you:

  • want a highly breathable shoe (the Novablast 2 is praised for its superb breathability)
  • need stability (in this case, consider a pair from the popular Kayano line)

How I test the Dynablast 2

During my 150 km test, I ran on pavement for approximately 90%, track 5%, and hard gravel trail for 5%. The shortest run was 5K and the longest was 31K. The pace varied from 4:30 to 6 minutes per kilometer. The Asics Dynablast 2 felt like I could train a lot ahead of a marathon without wearing out. Interestingly It felt so fast that I’d consider racing a marathon in these for sure.


The Dynablast 2 fits perfectly

The Asics Dynablast 2 fits true to size.  My 10.5 size felt perfect in width and length. There is no need to order larger or smaller.


Rocker design is an advantage

The Asics Dynablast 2 provides an 8mm drop which for me feels like a little relief for the Achilles and calf muscles without a high-heeled shoe feeling. On really long runs it’s nice to have this along with the rocker shape which is a curve upwards at the front of the shoe that allows for great energy transfer during the push-off. 

If you are a heel striker, there is plenty of neutral heel cushioning which has held up nicely in the 150 km of this test. Forefoot strikers will still take advantage of the rocker design as well. 

Solid yet cushioned feeling in the Dynablast 2

Whether mid-foot or heel striking, the Asics Dynablast 2 will cushion each foot strike well. The rocker curve is something the Asics get so right. You propel forward on the push-off with energy transferring from either a heel strike or landing mid-foot and the foot driving off in the next stride. 

After 150 km of testing the shoe still retained a solid yet cushioned feeling without breaking down which speaks to the durability of the sole materials used. the Dynablast 2 have a ride that makes you feel fresh and that feeling doesn’t deteriorate as they wear.


Grip is beyond expectations

For road, there is no question that the contact patch of this shoe provides lots of surface area to grip the road. While I wouldn’t run an alpine boulder field in these or a slippery trail, I did test them on gravel trails with some rocks and the grip was excellent on those too despite being out of the shoe’s design parameters.


Breathability could be better

The Asics Dynablast 2 upper has like other running shoes in this category has a thick cover upper which is fantastic for durability but I found it to be less breathable than previous generations of Asics and other running shoes. 

On hot days I felt like my feet were so drenched in sweat that it felt like running on a rainy day. I feel that Asics and other companies should work on a better compromise between durability and breathability. On the plus side, these would be nice and warm for winter runs.


Tongue is a lot thinner

The Asics Dynablast 2 has a nice lacing system with alternate lacing options via the extra holes to better fit various height arches and other fit considerations. The tongue is a lot thinner than some of the other cushioning shoes in this category yet the distribution of force from the laces felt very even. This means that you get a better feel without feeling like wearing pillows yet don’t get a lot of pressure points that can blister or chafe. The lacing neither pushes the foot forward or back so no pressure against the toes or heel.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 8.9oz / Women 7.5oz
Drop: 8mm
Arch support: Neutral
Collection: Asics Flyte Foam, Asics AHAR
Pronation: Neutral Pronation / Supination / Underpronation
Arch type: High arch

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Nick Brindisi
Nick Brindisi

I have run competitively since 1976 beginning with 1,500M and 3,000 M track events, progressing through 10K, Half and Full Marathons and then onwards to ultra distances from 50K to 160K trail events. As a running coach, I love inspiring and helping Kenyan elites and less fortunate kids alike. I’m most content running in the mountains with big climbs and descents.