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5 reasons to buy

  • Several people have mentioned that the heel lockdown of the Altra Timp 2's upper unit is reliable.
  • Some testers have called this iteration a suitably lightweight running shoe that can be used daily.
  • The traction capacity of this product's outsole unit is said to be superb and reliable.
  • The toe box is dutifully spacious, according to a handful of runners.
  • Users have lauded the general durability of the materials.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some people have mentioned that the ceiling of the forefoot section of the Timp 2 is restricting the outline of the instep.
  • The inner sleeve is scratching the skin of the foot, according to more than a handful of consumers.

Bottom line

The Altra Timp 2 is a sleek update to an up-and-coming trail-optimized series, and it aims to be a solid choice for those who desire efficacy on the trails. The outsole traction and general durability have been highlighted as elements that allow confident steps through unpredictable topographies. Caution is advised to those who have high-volume feet as the in-shoe experience can apparently be a bit restrictive.

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Good to know

The Altra Timp 2 is an update to an up-and-coming series of running shoes designed for the trails. The products that are within this family are designed to provide consumers with the capacity to traverse the off-road paths with ease. The midsole unit has been updated to feature an in-house cushioning technology that is light and springy. Also, the overall weight has been reduced to distinguish its capacity as a companion for all-day activities.

The Altra Timp 2 features a standard sizing scheme that accommodates the natural choices of consumers. All are welcome to get a pair with their expectations in mind. However, it is fundamental to personally test the shoe first to sufficiently permit a comfortable in-shoe feel.

Sideways fit is influenced by the various elements that make this Timp 2 a proponent of the ‘foot-shape’ movement that Altra is emphasizing. The flexible upper unit and the curved platform welcome the natural outline of the human foot.

The outsole unit of the Altra Timp 2 features MaxTrac™, a compound that is touted to be sticky enough to handle the ground with ease. It also naturally protects the bottom part of the midsole form the abrasive nature of the surfaces.

Omnidirectional gripping lugs pockmark the external pad of this trail running shoe. These elements are meant to heighten the gripping capacity of the shoe, ensuring that the surfaces are of no consequence during the running session.

Flex grooves are integrated into the whole platform to allow the full potential of the foot to move through the gait cycle. The forefoot lift benefits from this design the most because it requires the bending of the toe joints and various tendons of the foot.

The midsole unit is made of Quantic™, a full-length accouterment that is touted to deliver a luxurious underfoot experience that is also lightweight and responsive. Furthermore, the company is describing the underfoot feel to be similar to floating on clouds. Quantic™ is used by many New Balance series, including the venerable Altra Superior.

InnerFlex™ is a set of flex grooves that are integrated into the foam of the midsole. The design provides the foot with an agreeable means of bending as it goes through the gait cycle.

The Natural Ride System is a foot-shaped platform design that leads the rest of the Timp 2’s overall construction. The inherent curve and anatomical outline of the foot combine to govern the in-shoe experience.

The upper unit of the Altra Timp 2 is made of open mesh, a material that is meant to cover the natural outline of the foot. The net-like construction and the multilayered placement permit the flow of air through the foot-chamber while also preventing trail debris from infiltrating the in-shoe environment.

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) overlays are added to the silhouette. These elements are meant to protect the rest of the upper from the abrasive nature of the external environment. They also ensure heightened security by adapting to the tightening or loosening of the fit.

Toe Protect™ is an extra durable overlay that covers the forefoot section of this Altra running shoe. The purpose of this add-on is to shield the fabrics from wear-and-tear. It also prevents the toes from getting stubbed when tackling uneven and unpredictable terrains.

The padded tongue and collar holds the foot in place and preventing it from exiting the foot-chamber unexpectedly. Getting cushioned from impact shock and wobbling is also a part of their capacities.

The lining that makes up the inner sleeve of this Timp 2 is made of a material that can wick off moisture. Sweat and other mild sources of wetness won’t cause the foot to be irritable or be in an unhealthy in-shoe environment because of the presence of this feature.

A traditional lacing system graces the facade. Flat shoelaces are placed on the roof of the Timp 2, crisscrossing through discreet eyelets. They are charged with adjusting the snugness or looseness of the cover system.

The tongue unit is anchored to the midpoint via a stitched-on tab. The laces loop through this fabric tab, locking the tongue in place and saving it from deviating to the sides and potentially causing skin irritation.


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