Who should buy the Adidas Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen

As a Primegreen hiking shoe, this offering is a worthy contributor to Adidas' expanding library of sustainable kicks. Purchase it if:

  • You want to gear up in a pair that looks like a cross between hikers and trail runners.
  • Kicks that give your step extra bounce and support are what you need.
  • Your hikes are long and often take place on hardpacked soil and flatlands.

 Adidas Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen buy

Who should NOT buy it

If you want something cushier from heel to toe, skip the Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen for the Astral Brewer 2.0. Also, check out the Danner Trail 2650 if you want a more spacious pair overall.

Adidas Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen no

Glue-like strides in the Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen

Quite a number of trail-goers are impressed with the stickiness of the Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen's outsole. Their convincing hot takes are as follows:

  • "Trainers with fantastic grip."
  • "Pretty good grip on rocks."
  • "I never lost grip."

The kinds of terrain it performs phenomenally include snowy patches and muddy paths. An experienced adventurer also said that "these smash it" on city pavements.

Adidas Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen grip

Magical comfort in every pair

This sustainable hiking shoe from Adidas is incredibly comfy, according to many hiking enthusiasts. One of them says that it gives that "feel-good feeling," while another simply calls the shoe "extremely comfortable."

Adidas Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen comf

Makes long hikes greatly enjoyable

Reviewers find the Adidas Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen remarkably springy and supportive underfoot. You can "feel safe when walking" in this shoe, says one of them. Another adventurer (someone who has a heel spur) says that its "sole is very spongy," dampening impact quite well as you go.

Adidas Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen supp

Wanted: A more padded toe box

"A little hard/stiff over the toes" is how an experienced hiker describes the toe box of the Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen. One other trail-goer isn't as forgiving with their comment, saying: the "toe box inside is very hard and annoying."

Adidas Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen stiff

Adidas Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen equals AAA durability

There are those who give the featured day hiker thumbs-ups for being tough as nails. One among them said that his Terrex Trailmaker Primegreens "are stronger" compared with his AX3s, which "fell to bits" rather quickly.

Adidas Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen dura

Design that elicits compliments

With stellar remarks such as "this one really stands out" and "lovely hiking shoes," the Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen can be considered a real head-turner.

Adidas Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen complim

Those with extra-stout feet beware

Its overall narrowness is one of the featured shoe's weakest links, based on reports. One reviewer even believes that it's not for wide feet at all.

Adidas Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen wide

The Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen works with your budget

If you juxtapose the MSRP of the Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen with the average price of hiking shoes, you'll realize that the Adidas footgear in question is $20 cheaper. For more budget-friendly hikers, click here.

Adidas Terrex Trailmaker Primegreen cheap

Facts / Specs

Base model: Adidas Terrex Trailmaker
Use: Day Hiking
Cut: Low cut
Features: Eco-friendly / Breathable
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Adidas
Construction: Eco-friendly

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