Who should buy the Wilson Amplifeel 2.0

Wilson did an extreme makeover with the Amplifeel 2.0. It is a solid option if you:

  • Need a shoe that increases its levels of stability, breathability, and responsiveness.
  • Need a shoe that maintains the core components of the pilot model while getting a lighter, tailored, and reshaped collar for improved control and steadiness on any court surface.
  • Need a shoe that has Sensifeel upper and modestly layered with mesh to promote ventilation while offering a secure fit.

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This trainer shares the same notable underside element found in the Wilson Rush Pro lineup, which is the Duralast. Such highly-compact and durable rubber compound is well-equipped to take on the harshness of the different court setups. The deep tread design is meant to provide a solid foothold, whether the athletic footgear is sported on clay or hard court.

Wilson Amplifeel 2.0 Duralast

Advance R-DST+ system

The advance R-DST+ system is the chief proponent of the heavily-padded midsole that’s in-charge in dispensing a responsive ride. Such an upgraded unit utilizes EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) material that’s prepared to provide impact absorption and rebound. 

Wilson Amplifeel 2.0 Provides impact absorption and rebound

Sufficient cushioning

Amplifeel 2.0 is classified with a DF2 elevation or a dynamic fit that’s equivalent to a 9mm heel-to-toe drop. This low-to-the-court construction allows the wearer to stay connected to the ground for a more natural movement, while still getting sufficient amount of cushioning.

Wilson Amplifeel 2.0  Sufficient cushioning

Heel-to-toe 4D Support Chassis

The heel-to-toe 4D Support Chassis hinders the foot from rolling towards the outer edges. As the mechanism limits torsion, it helps the user to spring up for forceful strokes while maintaining stability. 

Wilson Amplifeel 2.0 Heel-to-toe 4D Support Chassis

The 3D-FS plate integrated into the forefoot is devised to deliver support, heightened responsiveness, optimum acceleration, and well-coordinated slowing down.

Excellent arch support and breathable layering

Belonging to the Amplifeel family, this shoe is crafted with a soft strap that hugs the ankle for locked-in support as the wearer propels at different trajectories or swings laterally along the baseline. 

Wilson Amplifeel 2.0 Excellent arch support and breathable layering

This remodeled version of the Amplifeel is utilized with the Sensifeel 2.0 in minimal layers of engineered mesh. This improved composition is assembled to boost airflow, supportive fit, and comfort minus the excessive weight. The increased support from the upper is intended to give the user the ticket to accelerate laterally at the baseline.

Endofit full inner sock construction

Adding another layer of comfort and stability is the Endofit full inner sock construction. It helps keep the foot snugged with its form-fitting structure.

Wilson Amplifeel 2.0 insole

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 13.6oz
Shoe Type: All Court
Features: Lightweight, Breathable
Construction: Stability
Material: Synthetic/Mesh upper
BRAND Brand: Wilson
SKUs: WRS325520 / WRS326370 / WRS327120

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Brenton Barker
Brenton Barker

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