Size and fit

This low-top's canvas upper, as several wearers have mentioned, starts off feeling stiff and snug, which would eventually break-in after the first few uses. Hence, if you have a chance to check them out in a local store, try them with and without socks. The Vans Slip-On is available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Vans Slip-On Style

Among the popular shoes under the Vans sneaker line-up, this kick oozes a cool vintage vibe and a timeless style that resonates well with almost everybody. Its minimal design brings with it a rich history that makes consumers of all ages want to cop a pair. Moreover, the countless design options for this shoe also mean that you will most likely find the perfect pair that will best suit you.

  Men’s styling

Thanks to its simplistic design, Vans Slip-On sneakers are relatively easy to dress and could essentially match with almost any ensemble. Guys could mix up their look and try different themes or vibes.

Here are a few tips the men could try. For a trendy look pairing your Vans Classic Slip-On shoes with distressed jeans and a hoodie could do the trick. For a more vintage-inspired outfit, go for a pair of cropped chinos, band tees topped off with a beanie. Lastly, for a more dapper look dressing your pair with dark trousers, a crisp button-down top, and a coat could keep you looking sharp yet casual during a night out with the boys.

  Women’s styling

Mostly praised for its convenience and versatility, ladies likewise can’t get enough of the Vans Classic Slip-On shoes. Hence it’s a no-brainer for most women to reach for this pair whatever plans they have for the day.

Opt for a metallic pair to match with your office ensemble to keep you comfortable and looking on-trend amidst multiple meetings. A leopard-printed style goes well with any plain outfit making it a great choice for days you’re in a hurry. When in doubt, reach for a neutral-colored Vans Slip-On but with a texturized twist such as the perforated leather and suede iterations. Lastly, you could opt for a maxi dress for an ultra-breezy and casual look.

Notable Features

Being the first sneaker to don a slip-on construction the Vans Slip-On is noteworthy in itself. It is a pioneer when it comes to classic shoe designs, and had become one of the most replicated silhouettes in shoe history. This sneaker's design is one of the most iconic and most recognizable in the world of footwear. Aesthetic-wise, its minimal and simple design makes it distinct as it never goes out of style and speaks for itself.

Function-wise, most consumers adore the slip-on design's convenience. The model makes use of garters to keep the feet secure and in place.

Vans Slip-On History

First introduced in 1977 as the Style #98, the Vans Slip-On quickly found its place in the budding surf and skate scene in California during the late 70s. The shoe became the brand's solution to the market's demand for a kick that can be worn without the fuss of shoelaces. The design inspiration was taken from the boat shoe's silhouette, which was Van Doren's product from his old company prior to Vans. Although made for skateboarding, most 70s skaters didn't take on the pair due to its tendency to get looser after some time, but surfers loved it and would wear it after their sessions in the ocean.

The sneaker skyrocketed to fame in 1982 when the Slip-On in checkerboard print gained international attention as Sean Penn wore it in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. It introduced the shoe to a whole new generation and made the checkerboard print synonymous with the brand. Vans' checkerboard inspiration surprisingly came from Paul Van Doren's kids who customized their pair's midsoles with the pattern. Paul ended up applying the print on the shoe's upper and has gone on to be the Slip-On's most iconic look ever since.

The kick remains a staple and is dubbed as one of Vans' most loved silhouettes. From being known as the skater and surfer kick, it is now acknowledged by everyone - from Disney-obsessed kids to streetwear enthusiasts and even high-end fashion houses. The Slip-On has become the favorite go-to for generations, skaters, and enthusiasts alike, and is rightfully a part of the Vans Classic roster. Its customizable designs and vulcanized soles have been acclaimed and duplicated around the world time and time again.

In 2016, the "Damn Daniel" video went viral on several social media platforms specifically on Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and YouTube. The video was an edited compilation of two teenage boys named Daniel Lara, and his friend Joshua Holz wherein Lara was seen strolling around their school while Holz complimented him on his white Vans Slip-On shoes, repeatedly saying "Damn Daniel!" and sometimes following the catchphrase with "Back at it with the white Vans."

The video caused the Vans white Slip-On's sales to catapult and eventually earned Lara a lifetime supply of Vans sneakers. The two high school boys even showed up to their Ellen interview wearing Vans Slip-On shoes.

Celebrities have also caught the Vans Slip-On fever with quite a number of them being snapped casually going about their days. Personalities such as Gigi Hadid, Hugh Jackman, Justin Bieber, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lawrence, and Selena Gomez were spotted stylishly donning the Van Slip-On sneakers. While Twilight star Kristen Stewart chose to celebrate the day she was honored a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in a pair of Vans Checkerboard Slip-On, forever engraving the brand's waffle sole on the Walk's famous cement.

The Vans Slip-On is available in a seemingly unending amount of colorways, prints, and materials offering something for every consumer type. Its effortless use, laidback classic style, and endless array of design options have represented a specific time and place and will also remain timeless in decades to come – a mark of a true classic.

  Classifications of Vans Slip-On shoes

With more than four decades since its introduction and not to mention the height of fame and reputation the Vans Slip-On has achieved, it is only inevitable that countless iterations have reached the light of day. Versions of this sneaker are vast and cater to every type of consumer possible. From being exclusively eminent in the world of skateboarders, the Slip-On has broadened its audience range to toddlers, Disney fans, fashion-savvy consumers, and streetwear fanatics.

The different types of Vans Slip-On could be categorized according to three groups: colorway, print, and materials used. Below are some models arranged into the three groups mentioned above.

Some of the color scheme options of the Vans Slip-On are the classics like true white, black, black/black, navy, and charcoal, while more vibrant colors like coral, aqua green, fashion flower, birch, sea fog, ballerina, rainbow, dark cheddar, ochre, dry rose, deep grass green, and wild dove could instantly amp up your everyday look.

Different prints and patterns are also vital to the history of this kick, especially the checkerboard print. However, there are also other patterns available for the taking. Try donning these following prints to mix it up a bit: leopard, chevron, feathers, woodland camo, tartan, skulls, abstract, tie-dye, tiger, alien, and checker flame.

Materials used are also significant in the shoe's overall comfort and aesthetic. Some textiles are ideal for summer while others are meant for the colder season, and textures could amp up a simple design. Some of the textures released were perf leather, metallic finish, embossed snakeskin, satin, twill, canvas, flannel, suede, and fleece. Lastly, the Vans Slip-On with platform midsoles is also available for an avant-garde option that could enhance height.

Nice to know


  • This shoe is sometimes called the Vans Classic Slip-On.
  • There are also a number of Vans Slip-On sneakers that cater to women. like the Vans Metallic Slip-On and Vans Slip-On Platform.
  • The Vans Classic Slip-On sneakers were introduced in the 70s with the help of skateboarders and BMX riders.
  • This design is the first Vans sneaker to be included in the brand's Customs program, eventually adding the Old Skool.


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