Size and fit

The Vans Half Cab has a mid-top silhouette kept on a secure lockdown by traditional lace-up.  With a padded collar, tongue, and footbed, the shoe cushions the feet for a comfortable skating experience. The iconic sneaker runs true to size and has a medium width offered for men and women. 

Vans Half Cab Style

Since the release of the Half Cab, it has been openly embraced by the skating community with so much respect that it is often dubbed ‘the best skating shoe ever produced.’ This respect for the legendary silhouette is evident in the longevity of the model in Vans’ catalog. For more than 25 years, the Half Cab has been a mainstay in line with various iterations from new colorways, combinations, and collaborations with professional skaters, artists, retailers, and celebrities.

The mid-top profile of the sneaker, vulcanized waffle sole, and suede material remained famous among the skating circles that wearing them means that you belong. The shoe is best paired with jeans and shorts for an on-the-go look. While it is not as stylish and famous as the Authentic, Era or Old Skool, the avid skater fans of this silhouette have kept it as their fashion staple up to this day. Over the years, from the skating community, the Half Cab has slowly transitioned into a fashionable lifestyle sneaker that is perfect for casual outings and travel.

Notable Features

Always ready for a round of street, park, vert, or downhill skating, the Vans Half-Cab’s most notable feature is its mid-top silhouette that gave wearers freedom of movement to do their jumps and tricks. The design made by skaters for skaters featured double-stitched suede uppers, reinforced toecaps to withstand repeated wear, and padded collars for support and flexibility on top of the high-grip rubber waffle outsoles.

Vans Half Cab History

The creation of the Vans Half Cab is a result of the brand’s keen eye for innovation by adapting to the needs of the skateboarding community. The first signature skate shoe produced is the Vans Steve Caballero released in 1988. Caballero, the former member of Stacey Peralta’s Bones Brigade, was tapped by Vans to wear the padded high-top Caballero shoe. As the first signature skate shoe, the Cab initially gained success with its superior cushioning and protection features for the feet.

However, over a few years the company and Caballero, himself, noticed that the high-top kick was modified by some skaters who wanted more freedom of movement when doing their jumps. Caballero saw that his pro skating shoe was often cut and slashed at the collar and duct-taped by skateboarders to perform better quick flip tricks.

Seeing this need, Caballero collaborated again with Vans in coming up with the bestselling and often dubbed “best skate shoe ever produced,” the Half Cab. Long-time Vans designer and employee Bunny Caminiti came up with a layered collar particularly in the upper while the design was also called Style 33.

The legendary skater also configured the mid-top to have suede uppers with double stitching for enhanced durability, a vulcanized waffle outsole, and a padded collar.  

The Caballero patch at the side panel was replaced by a Half-Cab wording stitched with an image of Steve Caballero performing the half-cab or backside trick. The original black colorway of the Half Cab became a mainstay in the brand’s catalog after becoming an instant hit and a classic kick revered by the skating community up to this day. A few years later, other colorways of the heritage skate shoe were introduced providing more styling options for its wearers.

In 2005, Vans teamed up with another pro-skater Scott Kane for a second signature skate shoe the Cab low or the low-top version. In 2007, the Half Cab Pro was released with professional skating in mind. The Half Cab Pro had an improved insole and outsole and upper using only premium materials and often preferred by hard-core skateboarding enthusiasts.

Nice to know

  • Aside from legendary skater Steve Caballero and American professional skater Bam Margera, other celebrities who have been spotted wearing the Half Cab include Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Kendall Schmidt, Hutch Dano, Dylan Sprouse, and Cole Sprouse.
  • The sneaker has a durable rubber outsole with a waffle tread pattern for superior grip and traction.
  • Double stitching in the suede upper ensures durability and quality construction preventing the shoe from breaking apart.


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