Our verdict

A hybrid between the high and low, the AJ1 Mid allows us to enjoy the best of both worlds. It furnishes us with ample ankle support the High provides and the adaptability the Low delivers. Although it continues to live behind the shadow of its taller and pricier sibling, the Mid offers a hint of freshness into the familiar, well-loved silhouette. Simply put, you can't go wrong with the Mid version.


  • All-day comfort
  • Cushy sole
  • Hip and cool style
  • Adaptable flair
  • Wide selection of colorways
  • Long-lasting
  • Low-maintenance
  • Budget-friendly


  • Run-of-the-mill leather
  • Creases easily




Who should buy the Air Jordan 1 Mid

Grab a pair or two of Air Jordan 1 Mid if you:

  • are hunting for a kick that you can wear for hours without any pain at all
  • prefer wearing timeless sneakers that can easily go with just about any style
  • strong-built mid-top sneakers suitable for daily use

Air Jordan 1 Mid tongue logo

Who should NOT buy it

If you're particular with the leather quality of your sneakers, the Air Jordan 1 Mid might not suit you because of the utilisation of the regular leather upper on the Mid, unlike its premium-made High-top predecessor. As an alternative, you may check out some of Jordan's popular leather-shrouded sneakers, like the Air Jordan 4 retro. Nike Air Force 270 is another leather mid-top worth considering. 

Air Jordan 1 Mid Swoosh logo

Air Jordan 1 Mid: The handier variation of the High

The Air Jordan 1 Mid is a hybrid of AJ 1 High and Low. We confirmed that this version is a suitable piece for those looking for a perfect heel collar without the restrictive feel of the high-top models

Air Jordan 1 Mid top view of laces

A classic and trendy pair to upgrade your style

Massive compliments from onlookers are inevitable when AJ1 Mid is on our feet! We realised that this model displays a distinct flair and hues that can quickly revamp our overall outfit - from so-so to buzzworthy style. We recommend pairing this sneaker with your neutral tracksuit for a sporty look or your favourite comfy pair of shorts for an authentic laidback vibe. 

Air Jordan 1 Mid toe box

Heaps of shades are available

Sizable numbers of hues and textures are now available on the market, making it easier to pick which pair fits our styles and needs.

Air Jordan 1 Mid air jordan logo

Guaranteed pain-free all-day walking

We are captivated by how the Air Jordan 1 Mid delivers comfort all day. We can wear this for hours without feeling any aches, giving credit to its well-padded collar, cushy sole, and bouncy Air cushioning

Air Jordan 1 Mid top view collar other side

Tried and tested durability

With its strong build, we enjoy wearing this for an extended period. Thanks to its robust stitching, quality leather upper, and thick rubber outsole, we encountered no visible wear after donning this pair for days.

Air Jordan 1 Mid rubber outsole

Easy upkeep!

We found out that this is the perfect go-to pair for users who are always on the go, especially as the Air Jordan 1 Mid has an easy-to-clean leather upper. We advise using a damp cloth to quickly wipe the dirt off of this sneaker.

Air Jordan 1 Mid sideview of toe box

The prejudice against the Air Jordan 1 Mid

What is there not to like about the Mid? This version looks almost identical to the AJ1 High, from its upper down to its outsole. However, we discovered that many Air Jordan purists shudder at the Mid. Although the High version is sold at a pricier tag and available in extremely limited numbers, we found that many still prefer it better than the mid-top version.

We believe that many are attached to the AJ1 High as most of Michael Jordan's professional milestones were all in the High. Also, there are colorways that are exclusive for the High and not the Mids. We also found that the AJ1 mid is considered to be the knock-off version of the AJ1 High because of its lesser leather quality. 

Air Jordan 1 Mid pivot point

Regardless, we vouch for the Mid as a practical alternative if you want to jumpstart your AJ1 collection despite the reasons mentioned above. It is more affordable and is easier to cop compared to the High and Low. We can attest that this Mid version has now evolved into more fashionable hues and styles, switching its game up in the sneaker world.

Air Jordan 1 Mid collar side view