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6 reasons to buy

  • Traction: Hoopers report that the 8th Curry is really grippy and has a consistent bite. There's no slipping even on semi dusty courts.
  • Cushion: The 8's "focus was...on court feel and responsiveness," but it does not sacrifice adequate impact protection. It's a "pretty good blend of not too hard or too soft."
  • Comfort: The knit upper is similar to Primeknit, and is light, flexible, and breathable. This makes the Curry Flow 8 feel like a legit running shoe.
  • Stability: Hoopers say that the shoe's wide base manages to give them a stable ride.
  • Light: At 12.1 ounces (345 g), the Curry 8 is described as a "super duper lightweight shoe."
  • Stylish: Casual wearers are happy that this shoe looks sleek. 

3 reasons not to buy

  • Not secure: Players notice that the upper knit upper material lacks the rigidity to keep the foot locked in during aggressive movements.
  • Indoors only: An expert does not recommend the Curry Flow 8 outdoors simply because of its rubberless outsole.
  • Pricey: An expert reviewer laments that this Curry is overpriced. He says that "$140 is the absolute max...for a Curry."

Bottom line

The Under Armour Curry Flow 8 is a "phenomenal hoop shoe" for guards. The traction, cushion, and even the support features are all geared toward the needs of quicker and lighter players. Heavier players may look for better alternatives such as the Nike LeBrons

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Under Armour Curry 8: An explosive beginning

Under Armour launches the new Curry Brand with the Curry Flow 8. This release aims to elevate the whole line by providing:

  • Insane grip and court feel. The rubberless UA Flow outsole gives players more foot control and reliable traction.
  • Fueled takeoffs. The shoe is light and bouncy, making it easier to get off the ground.
  • Cushioned landings. The UA flow foam provides protection from impact.
  • Strategic support. The soft and breathable upper have synthetic overlays to keep the foot contained.

UA Curry Flow 8: Subtle storytelling

According to UA's footwear design director Tom Luedecke, the Curry 8 "intentionally pulled back a little bit on the overt graphic storytelling" that was common on other Curry basketball shoes. The following are the 'Easter eggs' on the shoe:

  • Prominently displayed in the lateral heel area is the new Curry Brand logo.
  • In the heel are five stars arranged in a circle. The three above are embossed, while the lower two are debossed. This graphic references Stephen Curry's 'Underrated' Camp, which trains three-star recruits (like Stephen once was) so that they can unleash their five-star potential.
  • Right above the five-star symbol is ICDATSC30, which is a direct reference to Stephen Curry's "I can do all things" motto.

How Curry 8 compares

This shoe: 84
All shoes average: 81
55 95
This shoe: £150
All shoes average: £130
£40 £460
This shoe: 345g
All shoes average: 393g
256g 812g
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