Our verdict

Equipped with a clean aesthetic and Skechers' highly-praised comfort, the GOwalk Joy - Ecstatic easily becomes our go-to shoe for daily wear. We barely feel it on our feet and yet it keeps us comfortable for long hours. Just be aware that it is a slip-on shoe and the laces on top are not adjustable.


  • Cosy in-shoe feel
  • Relieves foot pain
  • Comfortable for all-day wear
  • Lighter than average
  • Breathable mesh
  • Easy on-and-off
  • Machine-washable


  • Laces can't be tied
  • No arch support

Audience verdict


Who should buy the Skechers GOwalk Joy - Ecstatic shoe

This cosy women's silhouette from Skechers is likely to be your perfect match if:


Who should NOT buy the shoe

If you do need a proper lacing system to be able to regulate the tightness, we urge you to consider Skechers Max Cushioning Arch Fit or On Cloudnova Form instead.

And if you are someone who needs extra underfoot support for flat feet, overpronation, plantar fasciitis, and other foot conditions, our best bet is the Skechers Arch Fit and its numerous variations.


Breathable but not for hot weather

We found how well the mesh upper on this Skechers shoe keeps the interiors ventilated. However, having worn it in extra warm summer conditions, we realised that the shoe falls short in such weather.

The GOwalk Joy - Ecstatic is indeed somewhere in between. Having pumped smoke through the shoe's upper, we assessed the amount of air that is able to pass through and at what speed. As a result, the shoe gets 3 on a 1-5 scale where 5 is the most breathable.

In another test below, you can see how close-knit the mesh is, letting little-to-no light pass through it.

A well-padded tongue is another feature that holds the shoe back from being more breathable. With a 4.4 mm thickness, it is 1.4 mm thicker than the average (3 mm).


Instant on and off

Don't let the shoe's laced-up top misguide you - this is a true slip-on pair. These stretchy laces are merely there to hold the foot in place.

We found it very convenient as we didn't have to bend over and fiddle with the laces. But on the other hand, we thought that some ladies might need traditional laces to regulate the fit.


But other than that, it couldn't be easier to put the shoe on and take it off.


Does it get any lighter than the GOwalk Joy - Ecstatic?

Its unbelievably lightweight nature has become one of the most enticing reasons to get this Skechers shoe.

Tipping the scales at 7 oz (198 g) per shoe, this is one of the most lightweight women's walking shoes on the market. For comparison, the average weight of walking shoes for women is 8.2 oz (233 g).

Makes you feel barefoot

We absolutely love the agile feeling we get when wearing this shoe. This is thanks to the highly soft and flexible nature of the sole. We felt like it's walking on thick sponges but with support.

The GOwalk Joy - Ecstatic has very plush cushioning. Measuring it with a durometer, we found that the foam is 21% softer than the average for walking shoes.


Disclaimer: We take the durometer measurements 5 times to ensure accuracy. The photo shows our final measurement.

The shoe's flexibility is just as impressive. Having checked its resistance to bending, it turns out that the Ecstatic is among the most flexible walking shoes. It is within the same range as the Allbirds Tree Runners.

Even by simply bending and twisting the shoe in your hands, you can tell that it is among the most pliable shoes out there. On a 1-5 scale, where 1 is the most flexible, we marked the GOwalk Joy - Ecstatic as 1.

Cosy from step one

No breaking-in is needed in this comfort-oriented walking shoe from Skechers. The pair is comfortable the minute we put them on. Looks like it's named "Ecstatic" for a good reason.


A soft inner lining inside the shoe is another thing we appreciated. We felt comfortable wearing the shoes even without socks.


However, when we measured the shoe's internal length in a women's US size 11, we got 274.2 mm. According to Skechers' shoe size chart, this corresponds to women's US 10.5 (275 mm), while US 11 starts at 280 mm.

So, if you have a chance, we recommend ordering two sizes and sending the wrong one back.


Ecstatic comfort for hours

The Skechers GOwalk Joy - Ecstatic has become our go-to shoe for spending long hours on the feet. Whether it's a daily 4-mile walk or 15 hours of continuous walking and standing at work, this Skechers shoe managed to keep our feet happy. We are even encouraged to walk more.

Another reason why we fell in love with the GOwalk Joy is that, for us, it was able to relieve pain and discomfort. We found that neuroma, arthritis, and various foot and leg issues have been made easier with this shoe: no more tired feet and aching backs and knees.

The GOwalk Joy - Ecstatic packs a surprisingly generous amount of cushioning into such a lightweight package. We measured it to be 32.7 mm thick in the heel and 24.4 mm in the forefoot. This is even a little thicker than the average 30.6 mm and 19.9 mm respectively.


We always measure stack with the insole included. In the case of Skechers Ecstatic, it is a 4.3 mm Ortholite footbed. This insole type also has moisture-wicking properties which keep the foot fresh.


GOwalk Joy - Ecstatic is NOT the right shoe for flat feet

The shoe features no supportive elements to support the arch whatsoever. In addition, its softer-than-average and extremely flexible sole don't help with keeping the foot stable. With such a design, it becomes way too easy for the foot to roll inwards excessively.

A no-no for wet and slippery surfaces

There is no rubber layer at the bottom of the Ecstatic, leaving the foam to be fully exposed. This type of material does a poor job of gripping smooth and, God forbid, wet surfaces.


One Skechers style to fit them all

Chores, grocery shopping, power walking, lunch with friends, travelling - no matter the occasion, this Skechers silhouette can pass the dress code with flying colours. It's got a no-nonsense, simple design that doesn't draw a lot of attention yet blends very well with many situations and outfits.

We love the variety of monochromatic colorways available for this walking shoe. 


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