Profile of the NikeCourt Lite

The Beaverton-based athletic brand kept all the essential components of a tennis shoe in a lightweight bundle when it came up with the NikeCourt Lite. Its cosmetic assembly is a nod to the retro leather designs that Swoosh tennis fans have become familiar with. But this new breed is set with a sleeker cover, which is quite a departure from the heavy overlays seen in the previous models. 

NikeCourt Lite is integrated with a Phylon midsole that’s made to take up the entire load during hard landings, minus the heaviness. Though Nike offers more advanced and ground-breaking trainers, this hardcourt-specific footgear is ready for aggressive court play.


Composition. The base is designed with the hard-wearing GDR (green durable rubber) compound. Such material is equipped to take on the abrasiveness of concrete playing surfaces. 

Traction. The modified herringbone tread pattern offers the needed grip, especially during rapid stop-and-go movements. It intends to give you stable footing as you make those lateral defensive shots at the baseline or when you propel swiftly towards the net. 

Protection. An extra layer of abrasion-resistant material is wrapped on the toe to keep it from wearing out quickly as you drag your foot unavoidably.


The entire cushioning slab sandwiched between the upper and outsole is composed of Phylon foam. Such underfoot padding is created by compressing and heating EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam pellets, which are then sculpted to a mold. The dense and durable attributes of this midsole sponge help cushion the foot from impact while granting stability.


Structure. The lightness quality of this budget-friendly footgear is attributed to how its outer membrane was constructed. Nike combined synthetic leather and mesh to give enough room for flexibility. The tongue is done in mesh to promote ventilation. 

Lacing closure. It applies the traditional lacing system, which grants you the freedom to cinch up your shoe to your desired fit. 

Counterpressure. The padded collar helps in safeguarding your ankle whether you speed off towards the net, rally around, or dominate at the edge of the court. This added component is another source of comfort for the aggressive foot. NikeCourt Lite is also equipped with a cushioned insole, which tapers impact during constant pounding on the court.

Nice to know

  • The GDR outsole is an attempt by the brand to positively contribute to nature as the process of creating such a compound is said to reduce chemical emissions significantly. 
  • A second generation model was released by the brand not too long later. Like this initial offering, the NikeCourt Lite 2 is meant to perform well on the hard court.


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