Profile of the NikeCourt Flare 2

NikeCourt Flare 2 comes with a more feminine vibe versus the initial high-top silhouette customized for tennis superstar Serena Williams. This second-generation Nike Flare is among the very few women-specific, high-performing tennis shoes by the Swoosh brand for hard court matches. 

The towering ankle cuff of the previous model is wholly taken out to produce a half-bootie design with an inner sleeve that offers more maneuverability. The modified cut is lightweight and minimalist-style to give you the freedom and resilience to swing to all corners of the court.


Construction. The base design of this model and the original Nike Flare on-court shoe of Serena are the same. Both are constructed with Nike’s trademark XDR outsole, which stands for extra-durable rubber. It is composed of an abrasion-resistant rubber compound that offers enduring traction. Although this shoe doesn’t come with a 6-month outsole warranty, the durability quality of its sole is suitable on multiple playing surfaces.

Tread design. The herringbone tread pattern wraps around the tip of the shoe and the medial side. The purpose of such design is to provide grip when sliding and performing sudden stops. It also serves as reinforcement to these high-wear zones, which in turn helps put more life into the shoe.


Material. In line with keeping everything light, Nike injected the midsole with soft foam that’s ready to take on impact during court landings and deliver the needed energy return during takeoffs. For added comfort, the heel gets additional padding. 

Zero-drop. The entire midsole is kept low to give the wearer good ground contact and improved control when moving around the court.


Breathability. The second version of the Nike Flare is made with a wide mesh opening and soft fabric lining for improved ventilation. To keep it light and still supportive, Nike fused synthetics using a heat process. 

Structure. The semi-bootie upper that’s reminiscent of the equally light and breathable NikeCourt Air Zoom Zero is purposed to deliver a sock-like fit. 

Support and stability. For a secure hold, the lace-up closure is attached to a skeletal structure plotted on the lateral and medial sides, a concept that’s similar to Nike Flywire. Aside from such innovation, foam padding is added on the rear side that’s meant to hug the heel and keep it from slipping during movements.


  • NikeCourt Flare 2 QS (Quickstrike) colorways bear Serena Williams’ signature branding on the tongue, while the other Flare 2 models carry the Swoosh label. 
  • Another variation is the NikeCourt Flare 2 BHM, which was released in honor of Black History Month. It comes with a mismatching theme wherein the left shoe is mostly done in black, while the other pair in white.


The current trend of NikeCourt Flare 2.
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