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Nike MC Trainer: Versatile performance for indoor and turf workouts

Designed to take on most types of indoor and turf sessions, the Nike MC Trainer can keep you company while you jump between weight training and short sprints.

The shoe's thick midsole and multi-directional traction design work together to provide excellent stability and comfort while weightlifting. At the same time, the thinner forefoot area promotes flexibility for speed drills and agility training.

Who is it for? It doesn't matter if you're a newbie or a seasoned trainee. This offering from Nike could be ideal if you are after the following components in your training shoes

  • All-around footwear for most workouts
  • Flexible forefoot area
  • Cushioned workout shoe for comfort
  • Excellent traction
  • Supportive upper

Other similar shoes you can check

Nike Legend Essential 2. Another offering from the Swoosh brand, the Legend Essential 2, is a highly-rated gym shoe in the range. It is more affordable than the MC Trainer, falling at just $60 versus the former's $70.

The Legend Essential 2 also provides the same attribute as the MC Trainer, such as flexibility, stability, and good looks.

Under Armour Project Rock 2. This model is quite pricey compared to the shoes as mentioned above. However, it also provides improved ankle support via its mid-top profile. It is recommended for fitness enthusiasts who love extra cushioned soles and fans of Dwayne Johnson.

How MC Trainer compares

This shoe: 55
All shoes average: 79
55 92
This shoe: £70
All shoes average: £90
£60 £130
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Nicholas Rizzo

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