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    Nike Romaleos 4 - White (CD3463101)
    Nike Romaleos 4 - Black (CD3463010)
    Nike Romaleos 4 - Total Orange/Black (CD3463801)
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    Nike Savaleos - Black (CV5708010)
    Nike Savaleos - White (CV5708100)
    Nike Savaleos - Grey (CV5708083)
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Weightlifting shoes for women

Women (and men too!) in the fitness world must take note that ordinary workout shoes are not designed for weightlifting. This activity has special demands, and the ladies' weightlifting shoes prioritize support and stability above all else.

Typically, this type of training shoe has a flat and wide sole to ensure a stable base for the lifter. Weightlifting shoes, or squat shoes as they are sometimes called, also feature a high heel to make it easier to execute (what else?) squats! These shoes also almost always have straps to help with lockdown.

As usual, weightlifting shoes for women are produced by known brands like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok. And their products are almost always targeted at men, but they still do come in women's sizes.

Women's weightlifting shoes: Which one suits you?

Given all the many options, it can be challenging to choose the most suitable pair of weightlifting shoes. We recognize this dilemma, so we come up with CoreScores for all weightlifting shoes on record. These numerical ratings--which are based on the inputs from experts, fitness enthusiasts, and habitual weightlifters--make it easy for you to make comparisons. 

Besides that, we also present short but comprehensive descriptions of the shoes' performance. These shoe profiles are brutally honest: we talk about the flaws as much as we highlight the strengths.