Brooks Glycerin GTS 19 review


Who should buy Brooks Glycerin GTS 19

You will really enjoy this shoe if you are run most/all miles on the road. This is the (G)o (T)o (S)hoe for any runner that wants to be prepared for whatever the workout might be.

It’s a winner for those who need a little cushion but don’t want to feel disconnected from the road.

Who Should NOT buy Brooks Glycerin GTS 19

You will be displeased if you are looking for:

  1. A quick shoe for track work or racing
  2. Need a medium high to high arch support
  3. Want a shoe for trail and road

Consistent shoe

This is a shoe that you get what you are expecting from it on every run. It provides a plush ride and smooth heel to forefoot transition.

Great on long runs - I have run over 20 mile runs a couple of times in this shoe, and my feet were still happy at the end of those runs.


Not versatile

Conditions that I would try to avoid:

  • Snow - not a surprise there’s not enough traction for a comfortable run
  • Trails - while I covered miles on the trail this is a stable surefooted trail shoe
  • Track - don’t expect to turn in a PR quarter mile

The Glycerin GTS 19 is true to size

This shoe fits true to size. I did find the midfoot to be slightly wider than Brooks Levitate 4. The forefoot offers plenty of room for the long runs.



  • Great durability built to get your money's worth
  • Quality; plush upper well constructed
  • The value you’ll get more than what you paid for

I referred to this shoe as the girl you don’t want to date but the one you want to marry — reliable, consistent GTS for every day.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 303g / Women 255g
Drop: 10mm
Arch support: Stability
Update: Brooks Glycerin GTS 20
Collection: Brooks Glycerin
Pronation: Overpronation

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Andrew Dillow
Andrew Dillow

I’m an avid runner, continually training for marathons and ultra-marathons, typically covering 50-140 miles per week. I ran my first 10K at 6 years old, ran NCAA Division I in college, and later ran for a shoe store. I now run for the fun of it but I still try to push myself to average 6 min/miles through marathons.