Profile of the Asics Gel Dedicate 5

Tennis beginners or experienced players needing a pair of trainers for their practice sessions have the affordably-priced Asics Dedicate 5 to consider. This footgear consists of the necessary support and stability elements that could be advantageous for players who are in search of a dependable all-court shoe. 

One of the essential components found in this profile is the premium Gel cushioning pads under the forefoot, which helps soften the impact. Such silicone-made patches are added to distribute the force under the ball of the foot. 

Another key element is the Trusstic system, a midfoot shank that works as the central stability feature of the shoe. It mainly connects the forefoot and rearfoot section to prevent any form of foot twisting. That way, it grants support during abrupt and quick lateral cuts.


Composition. The bottom section of the shoe may not be equipped with the proprietary carbon AHAR Plus rubber, but it is laid with a durable one. Such ultra-resilient rubber is ready for the unforgiving court surfaces, which is a plus factor for recreational and tennis beginners looking for an “all-around” tennis trainer. 

Tread pattern. It is engineered with a modified herringbone pattern which makes it suitable on different court layouts. Such altered outsole design contributes to the stability aspect of the shoe since it helps prevent excessive foot twisting and turning.


Support. Much of the shoe’s strength is centered in the Trusstic technology, a shank system placed in the arch area of the shoe that serves as a bridge between the forefoot and rearfoot. It works as a support mechanism that reinforces the midfoot section.

Asics carved out the full-length foam midsole to reduce the total weight of the shoe and to accommodate the Trusstic shank. Despite the decrease in weight, the brand is focused on providing a court shoe with structural integrity. 

Cushioning. A supreme foam material called the SpEVA takes up a majority of the midsole which intends to provide cushioning. This unit is made up of different degrees of densities. The levels of densities are designed to provide flexibility and high cushion while improving the spring rate of the shoe and delaying signs of midsole deformation.

Unlike the typical EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) sponges that deliver shock-absorption properties, this shoe not only absorbs blows but increases rebound element by up to 20 percent. 

To aid the player during propulsion, Asics lodged the Gel technology at the forefoot. It reduces shock as it accommodates pressure every time the forefoot flexes during toe-offs.


Build. Asics Gel Dedicate 5 has an upper made of mesh with synthetic overlays that are meant to provide support, breathability, and comfort. This beginner-level shoe is designed with such outer membrane to keep the foot from sliding inside. Synthetic materials and mesh offer excellent comfort, support, and breathability. 

Added protection. The front part of the shoe that’s prone to court abrasiveness and immediate wear gets added protection from the PGuard toe shield. This extra layer helps put more life into the shoe.

Additional Info

  • The soft court version of this tennis trainer is the Asics Gel Dedicate 5 Clay, which features a different herringbone tread pattern.
  • Both clay and all-court footwear are built with non-marking outsoles. 
  • SpEVA is translated to special ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA).


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