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6 reasons to buy

  • Majority of Adidas Sprintstar wearers like the comfortability of this track running shoe.
  • Most of the wearers have said that the shoe fits true to size.
  • Some of the reviewers note how lightweight the Sprintstar is.
  • A lot of the users are happy with the shoe’s performance saying it helped them achieve their personal best times.
  • Several athletes agree that the track shoe is useful for various events, even for hurdles.
  • The Adidas Sprintstar offers a secure fit, according to some wearers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few reviewers have said that the shoes’ material feels cheap and not so durable.
  • A couple of wearers have stated that the Sprintstar has a narrow toe box. 

Bottom line

The Adidas Sprintstar Spikes are perfect for any sprinter wanting to feel the need for speed and upgrade for their event. Besides being lightweight, the shoe is also being praised for its efficient power and uncomparable fast performance. Despite the shoe’s narrow toe box, the Adidas Sprintstar is recommended by most reviewers for its properties that raise any athlete’s performance during race day.



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Use - The Adidas Sprintstar was designed for efficient power and technical sprinters. It is ideal for sprint races between 60m to 400m and 4x100m and 4x400m relays. It combines speed, power, and precision for technical sprinting.

Spike Type - The Sprintstar has six replaceable ¼ inch Pyramid spikes around the perimeter of the forefoot that provides an excellent grip. The Nike Zoom Rival S 9 uses the same spike type.

Spike Plate - The lightweight Pebax spike plate provides stiff responsiveness and increased energy return with each step, while the spike pins deliver sure traction and grip. It also helps improve the shoe’s durability.

The Sprintstar's ultra-lightweight design owes itself to a Sprintweb upper, whose mesh is highly breathable and thin to give these shoes maximum ventilation.  It is also designed to lock the foot down during event-specific motions. 

At the shoe’s heel, a padded panel on the insole reduces pressure on the Achilles tendon during each stride. Meanwhile, an adjustable lace closure ensures that the Sprintstar will fit your foot snugly in all circumstances.

The secret of the Sprintstar is their Pebax plate outsole, designed with great resistance to wear in mind. This six-spike plate on the forefoot increases energy return and responsiveness.

The Adidas Sprintstar comes in men’s and women’s versions following the standard sizing scheme. The Sprintstar has been noted to come with a narrow toe box. This is why the most reliable way to get the best fitting pair of track shoes is to visit the nearest track running specialty store to get fitted by professionals.

The Sprintstar features a Pebax spike plate on its outsole. This spike plate which is found in the forefoot area engages the wearer with the ultimate energy return and durability. It is both lightweight and offers durable traction for optimal performance. The Pebax spike plate guarantees unprecedented energy on every stride while also generating more power to raise the wearer’s performance level.

The shoe's outsole is made of synthetic rubber which is thin, lightweight, flexible, and designed to pick up the runner's speed. It also ensures the Sprintstar with the toughness and durability to help the shoe survive from training sessions to competition day.

The Adidas Sprintstar has a Traxion cleat design that increases the shoe’s grip without excessive pressure points on the wearer’s foot. These triangular treads all over the shoe deliver an excellent job of gripping the roads. The forefoot treads are indented while the treads on the midfoot and heel area protrude from the outsole.

Lastly, the Sprintstar uses six ¼ inch Pyramid spikes that are found around in the perimeter of the forefoot area. These spikes offer an excellent bite and have a reliable grip on hard dirt for track races.

The midsole on the Adidas Sprintstar is made up of a thin layer of full-length EVA foam. This EVA foam provides just the right amount of minimal cushioning for protection and shock absorption for running on tracks. The shoe does not have unnecessary cushioning, which makes it as light as possible. The EVA foam also helps in delivering efficient energy return while being lightweight and flexible, making the Sprintstar ideal for track competitions.

The Sprintstar’s upper is constructed from an extremely breathable synthetic and mesh material. This lightweight upper provides brilliant protection and breathability to the shoe. It also encourages cool air to permeate the fabric and remove uncomfortable heat build-up. The synthetic and mesh upper allows the sweat to evaporate to the surface of the shoe, creating a healthy environment for the wearer’s foot to thrive in.

The shoe also features synthetic overlays that hold the foot securely during all phases of the sprinting gait, and it also acts upon torsion to maintain its shape and form.

The innovative Adidas’ Sprintweb technology is also used in this track shoe. It is designed to lock the wearer’s forefoot down during event-specific movements. It works together with the traditional lacing system by keeping the midfoot area in place for a more secure fit.

The Sprintstar incorporates a soft, padded collar that sits comfortably around the ankle. A plush tongue then helps reduce pressure on the wearer’s ankle and Achilles area. Both the padded collar and the plush tongue are designed to ensure comfortable wear without the risk of any injury.