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10 reasons to buy

  • Most reviewers claimed that the Skechers Alley Cats provide great comfort for the foot when being worn.
  • A handful of reviewers praised the good quality of the shoe.
  • Most buyers loved how the shoe fits perfectly on their foot.
  • The Skechers Alley Cats is also offered in wide sizes.
  • Some reviewers said that the shoe is perfect for work.
  • A lot of the reviewers have been wearing the Skechers Alley Cats for years already and have stayed loyal to the shoe.
  • A good number of reviewers loved how the shoe would last long with their regular use.
  • Some reviewers were highly-appreciative of the shoe’s ability to stand up to abuse.
  • The shoe is available in multiple colorways.
  • The shoe can be purchased in a very affordable price.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Some wearers said that the shoe would need some break in time.
  • A reviewer said that the shoe can be prone to peeling.
  • A few users pointed out that the laces would eventually wear out.
  • Some buyers said that the shoe can be a bit narrow for the foot.
  • According to a few reviewers, the shoe is a bit heavy.

Bottom line

Designed as a work shoe, the Skechers Alley Cats has lived up to its design origins. The shoe has been one of the favourites of the people especially those who work with jobs involving strenuous activities. The shoe is basically made to survive under rough workplace surroundings and constant abusive use without sacrificing the comfort, though it might need some break-in time. With the good quality of the shoe that is offered in a really affordable price, this is clearly one of the best options for those who need what this footwear offers.


Expert Reviews

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The fit of the Skechers Alley Cats fairly runs true to size. Since this is designed as a men’s shoe, the sizing is offered in men’s sizes. The shoe is offered in medium widths and also in both 2E and 4E widths.

The Skechers Alley Cats was originally designed as a work shoe, but it can also function as a casual shoe. The oxford design and style of the shoe can perfectly go well with an appropriate casual outfit. It is great when paired with a pair of jeans when you go have a stroll around town or run some errands.

The durability of the Skechers Alley Cats has gained a lot of praises from most people especially from those who have stayed loyal to the shoe for that main reason. They loved how the shoe can withstand under harsh workplace conditions and abusive use. The style of the shoe had also received some positive recognition, with people saying they liked its simple and casual look.

Since 1992, the Skechers brand has made some amazing releases. The shoe has gained quite some popularity with their designs and quality products. The brand has worked with some well-known celebrities, having them to be the face of the brand. Some of their creations were also seen on the feet of some celebrities complementing their street styles.

The brand has also made a name when it comes to some quality work shoes. The Skechers Alley Cats to name one. Since its release, the silhouette has been a household name for quite most people who work in a hard-working environment. The shoe’s good quality has made a bunch of people loyal to the silhouette.

  • The upper is covered with smooth leather.
  • Some stitching accents can be observed on the shoe.
  • The shoe features a lace up casual oxford design.
  • A plain round toe can be observed about the shoe.
  • The heel of the shoe measure approximately 1 inch.
  • The leather upper of the shoe is scuff-resistant.
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Danny McLoughlin

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