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The Nike Lebron 13: Not perfect but a great overall shoe

/100 by David Nataf, posted on .
This is a review from one expert, and reflects personal opinions. Learn what 522 other basketball players think of this shoe and see colorways at the Nike Lebron 13 main page.

I’m a 5’9 guy who plays at the point guard position, and I wear an 11 for Nike shoes with Nike Basketball socks. What I like in my basketball shoes is an excellent cushioning, a tight fit around the ankle and lightness.

Lebron 13 is a pretty good shoe for both outside and inside basketball. That’s a shoe I’ve been hooping in for almost two years. I’ll share to you my experience with its fit, the grip it has on the court and blacktop, and how the shoe feels, overall. 


The Upper

The upper is very breathable. After 2-3 months, the Foamposite became my friend, and the padding around the ankle is incredible. The lock is also perfect. Thanks to the Flywire technology, your feet won’t go anywhere.

In the beginning, this shoe was tight as hell for me. After an hour of play, my feet were hurting so much on the upper back because of the Foamposite part even though I was wearing supporting socks that are pretty thick.

Don't worry, after, like 2-3 months, the shoe loosens up and fits like a glove.

The Outsole

The sole is not really flexible, and for a guard, that’s a flaw. The black part on the sole is made of plastic and is rigid. I don’t understand its purpose.



Also, the air units aren’t bouncy at the beginning. I felt like I was walking on a rock.

Another downside for guards who play outside is that the side of the shoe will scratch and tear after a while because of the crossovers. A Kyrie shoe would be better for someone with that style of play.

As usual, after a few months, the sole becomes bouncier, you can feel the responsiveness of those smalls air units in the forefront of the shoe which I appreciate for both acceleration and defense.

The one in the back is more prominent and is also perfect when rebounding because it absorbs all the sock for you. The grip and durability of the outsole are fantastic.

I play with my team on a real basketball court, and the shoe did the job as expected. But what strikes me is its unexpected performance on a playground. The shoe grips to the ground and the durability of its outsole is excellent.

Usually, the shoe breaks down on me after a year. The air bubble pops, and the shoe became useless. That’s what happened to me with the Nike Hyperrev 2016 and the Jordan Super.FLy 2. But I’ve had this one for two years now, and the outsole is in excellent condition.

The Laces

I think the laces on this shoe is way too long and I don’t like when laces are swinging around.

Another con is that for any reason, they untie too easily. I have to redo my laces many times in a game, and It annoys me. I don’t know if it is my pair in particular or if it’s the case for everyone else.

The Weight

I think the shoe is a little bit too heavy. It’s annoying for guards because we have to be fast on the court. However, I think it should be ok for the heavier person like centers.



I think the Lebron 13 is a versatile shoe. It’s comfortable, holding your foot in place. The cushioning is on point, and the design is great in my opinion.

But you have to consider your position before buying this shoe because there are other models on the market especially made for guards. This is why if you’re a quick, shifty guard, I do not recommend you this shoe.

But if you’re someone doing a little bit of everything on a court and plays outside, I believe that’s a great overall shoe. 

David Nataf | Level 1 expert Verified
My name is David and I've been playing basketball for years now. I mostly play on weekends with my best friends in the playgrounds of Paris. Last year, we participated in a competition named OJO, a competition between the best teams of French Business School.

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