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7 reasons to buy

  • The Reebok Rivyx Ripple has a price that is easy on the wallet.
  • Comfort is a common description seen on many reviews of these kicks.
  • Some of those who have purchased the sneakers claim that they have no regrets.
  • The Reebok Rivyx Ripple possesses a style and a fit that is iconic to the brand, several of its fans have lauded.
  • Although it’s a lifestyle shoe, one individual has tested this at the gym and has found the performance pleasing.
  • Several wearers have hailed this model as belonging to the most durable and high-quality pairs of Reebok sneakers.
  • A couple of purchasers have praised the sole of the Reebok Rivyx Ripple as it gives extra traction and support.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Several Reebok Rivyx Ripple reviews include a few buyers saying that they are not fans of the oversized build and chunky tongue.
  • The shoelaces are quite hard to pull, some commenters have complained.

Bottom line

Proving that Reebok Classics can experiment and pump up its styles, Reebok released the Rivyx Ripple. Fashionistas can up their Instagram game with its attractive and unique design. As it follows the chunky sole trend, wearers will have no problem fitting in with today’s street style scene.

The shoe is a fitting statement that individuals can use to express themselves. Reviewers love its comfortable feel, attesting that it’s also durable and supportive. However, a few buyers have grumbled about the oversized build, adding that the laces are hard to pull.


Style: Retro
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Reebok Classics
Closure: Laces
Material: Leather
Price: $75
Colorways: Black, Pink, White
Small True to size Large
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The Rivyx Ripple from Reebok comes in unisex sizing. First-time users of Reebok can finally feel the difference in the leather fit. Securing the fit is also easy with the lace-up closure. The low-cut collar ensures ample ankle mobility.

The Reebok Rivyx Ripple imbibes the similar vibe as the ever so popular Fila Disruptor. Albeit it looks less chunky, its rugged outsole and multi-stitched leather upper are qualifiers in making it a sleeker version of the ugly shoe trend.

The Rivyx Ripple in white from Reebok matches track pants and cropped tops, which is perfect in attaining the 90’s look. The black pair, on the other hand, can transition from casual to dressy with just the pairing.

The mix of old and new is a tried and tested combination that simply works. Luckily for Reebok, its pool of retro silhouettes comes huge. The Rivyx Ripple from Reebok is a result of an 80’s constructed sneaker, and 90’s styling. Translating in today’s terms, those two are the retro classics that seems to be what most cannot get enough of.

With more than 60 years of existence, Reebok has an excellent archive of silhouettes. Its strong heritage in running, comes advantageous, especially during this time that retros are seen everywhere.

One released in the 90’s is the Daytona, a technologically-infused performance shoe. Pulled out from its pool because of the advent of dad sneakers, the Daytona served the fitting inspiration for the resurgence of another model called the Reebok Rivyx Ripple.

  • Those interested wanting to put the Reebok Rivyx Ripple on feet can do so for only $75.


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