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12 reasons to buy

  • The low-top Reebok Fury Adapt MA is convenient to use with its slip-on cleatie construction.
  • This sneaker may require a short period to allow the feet to get used to its fit but it becomes comfortable afterward.
  • The upper is made with a breathable and lightweight knitted mesh.
  • This sneaker is a modest adaptation of the loud and flashy InstaPump Fury made with a black and white silhouette.
  • There is enough room in the toe box which allows the toes to splay and move effortlessly.
  • It offers an excellent heel lockdown preventing that area of the foot from moving inside the shoe when used for walking and more importantly when running.
  • The pull tabs on the heel and tongue enable users to slide the foot inside with ease.
  • The protective lining of the shoe blankets and safeguards the foot during fall, spring, and winter.
  • The outsole is made of a sturdy rubber material that will survive for a lengthy period.
  • The reflective material on the medial side of the toe is one of its desirable features as it allows this shoe to be noticeable at nighttime.
  • Its EVA midsole is thick enough and offers comfortable support to the foot against impact.
  • A well-executed Fury sneaker at a reasonable cost.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Not an ideal shoe to use for a protracted time during summer as the inner cleatie tends to insulate the foot.
  • One user complained having foot discomfort while wearing this sneaker for a relatively short period.

Bottom line

Reebok Fury Adapt MA is one of the modest adaptations of the innovative InstaPump Fury as it presents a monochromatic silhouette in an easy-to-wear cleatie construction. Complementing this look are comfortable features coming from its air permeable mesh cover, a cozy protective liner, and cushiony midsole.

However, its upper may pose some discomfort to the feet especially when used during summer as its tight-fitting form can get too warm for the feet. Still, buyers are giving the nod on it as it comes with a pocket-friendly price tag.


The Reebok Fury Adapt MA low-top men’s sneaker tends to have a narrow and small built. Those with wide foot measurement may need to get at least a full size bigger. This sneaker can be obtained at sizes ranging from 6.5 to 13 US. Its lace-up front closure is secured with a plastic caging system which also acts as a stable provision at the midfoot. The elastic shoelace has a cord lock which can be adjusted for an optimized fit.

Comparing the Reebok Fury Adapt MA from its forefather the InstaPump Fury, this refashioned look is made simpler with a single piece upper that acts as a slip-on, complemented by a quick-tying lace system. The color scheme on this variation compared to other designs under this line are moderated which makes it an appropriate choice to pair with chinos, cargo pants, joggers, and tracksuits.

The muted color scheme on the Reebok Fury Adapt MA makes it stand out among other Fury models, whether it is under the colorful InstaPump umbrella. It is unique in a way that this adaptation comes from a heritage of radically colored sneakers. While its style offers simplicity, the low-top Fury Adapt MA is loaded with technical features which make it a comfortable, flexible, and stable sneaker as described by weartesters.

Reebok Fury Adapt is an amended design of Reebok’s revolutionary silhouette, the InstaPump Fury. This modified version comes in various colorways that are less vibrant as the original shoe. One of such variations is the Reebok Fury Adapt MA.

Before seeing the Reebok Fury Adapt come to fruition, the sneaker market was introduced to Reebok’s radically conceptualized silhouette, the Reebok InstaPump Fury. This happened over two decades earlier, particularly in 1994 when Reebok challenged other running shoe brands with this utterly futuristic looking sneaker.

The InstaPump Fury’s showpiece upper design done in Citron colorway, a combination of extreme red and neon yellow hues, did not require exhaustive marketing campaigns to garner public interest as it was too striking to be missed out.

As if its visual aesthetics was not complicated enough, the Reebok InstaPump Fury is built with several cutting-edge technologies since it was originally premeditated as a performance shoe for avid and recreational runners.

The InstaPump Fury’s top outer body, made with a uniquely structured air bladder system, can be manually adjusted through a pump feature to lock down and secure the feet. Its sole has a built-in Graphlite carbon shank for added protection that is durable as steel. One the rear part of the sole a tough, shock-absorbing system called Hexalite is embedded. It resembles the shape of the honeycomb which compresses and expands to offer support to the heel.

Not too long later, in 2015 Reebok made significant alterations on the InstaPump Fury putting the Reebok Furylite to the limelight. Taking cues from its name, this version has a lightweight built with the removal of the pump element from the upper.

The low-top Reebok Fury Adapt came a year later. Comparing it side by side with the original model, this adaptation has a noticeably toned-down composition than the seemingly complex exterior of the Reebok InstaPump Fury. While maintaining some of InstaPump Fury’s functional qualities, the Fury Adapt is structurally made convenient with the use of an inner cleatie construction and stretchable bungee and toggle lacing property.

  • The upper of the Reebok Fury Adapt MA is made of heathered knit mesh done in black and white.
  • The midfoot caging system, where the shoelaces are entwined, is elastic and at the same time stable.
  • The EVA foam midsole has an embedded Hexalite cushioning technology which is visible in the heel area.
  • The Hexalite honeycomb-shaped element in the heel absorbs shock by compressing and expanding.
  • A strong plate of Graphlite carbon shank, which is stable and supportive, replaces a portion of the midsole foam to cut down on weight. Its strength is comparable to steel.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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