Nike KD 13 review

The KD 13 and its design solve a lot of problems for the everyday basketball player.  Most want some form of ankle support, something that is not excessively heavy or bulky and last has a good grip on the floor.  For me, this shoe is a “go-to” when I hit the gym to get up shots or do skill work just for those reasons.

Who should buy the KD 13

The Nike KD 13 is a great option for anything inside, whether it is shooting around, playing pickup games, or even in basketball tournaments. 

Who should NOT buy the KD 13

Look away if you:

The KD 13 is satisfying to wear, really!

The KD 13 is true to size.  It felt best around the forefoot with the cushioning and not so much noticeable around the heel. 


(Disclaimer: Sizing is based on the reviewer’s opinion: see our ‘Size Guide’ in the Facts Section to find out how most users find it.)

Nothing flashy, but it’s ENOUGH!

The KD 13 hugs your foot just enough and has just enough cushion to allow maximum work.  When playing in the KD 13 I did not feel any hotspots or stinging from the laces biting in the top of my feet,  it felt great.


When it’s game time, the KD 13 gets it done

KD 13 was very responsive and felt like your feet and shoes were united.  Felt good playing when sprinting and with up-tempo games.

The outsole needs wiping after some time

KD 13 grip was played on an inside wood court and had good traction right out of the box.  After playing a couple of days, like normal, it collected some dust so these will require some wiping after a while.


Zero heel slip in the KD 13

KD 13 allows you to tie the laces pretty tight without any discomfort.  I experienced no heel slip and the toebox felt just right. Overall the lockdown is great in this shoe.  The tongue of the shoe does occasionally slide around to the outside, but it’s not bad or a nuisance.


No complaints out of the box

There was no break-in period for the KD 13.  Pretty much out of the box it felt the same from day 1.  Very convenient to just play in these.

The Nike KD 13 is light

KD 13 is a light shoe overall and that is likely attributed to the use of lighter mesh material on the upper.  Usually, the lighter materials tear easily but this has held up pretty good.


The shoe is holding up very well

After playing in the KD 13 for a couple of weeks, there haven’t been any excessive signs of wear.  The upper still looks clean and the toe of the shoe is holding up very well.

No issues with breathability

KD 13 has more mesh material and woven material kept my feet from feeling hot.  It was also a little thinner so that helped with the breathability.

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Aidan Shaw

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