Nike AM90 Exeter Edition: A sustainable SOLE-lution

Nike’s quest for sustainability isn’t a bandwagon movement. They’ve been immersed in it since the company pegged its roots in Exeter, New Hampshire, 1974. Thanks to its intuitive and ingenious first employee Jeff Johnson who administered upcycling in making early Nike running shoes at the Exeter factory. 

Fast forward, Nike came up with innovations like the Nike Grind, a process where manufacturing remnants, as well as end-of-life kicks, are repurposed into brand new pairs. Air Max 90 Exeter Edition is just one of the many you can find here

Air Max 90 Exeter Edition Multi beyond sustainability

While the heart and sole of the AM 90 Exeter Edition is the use of repurposed materials, there’s more to this striking shoe than that. Below are other factors why sneaker buyers are accommodating this to their pack.

  • Highlighter accents make it one of the retro kicks from Nike that glows in the dark.
  • A multi-colored patchwork of textile base and suede overlays don’t keep the feet toasty. 
  • The exposed air cassette takes up a chunk of midsole foam to keep everything light.
  • The waffle tread pattern isn’t only made of recycled materials but offers a substantial grip.
  • Its pressurized air bubble may not be as cushy and plush as the specialized foam used in React Element varieties, but it helps reduce foot strain.


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