Our verdict

Whether you want to set or beat records, run long distances, or do speed training, you won't go wrong with Hoka Rincon. It's a neutral shoe that gave my feet the cush to go the distance and was bouncy and snappy when I pushed the pace. As long as it's speed-related, I am confident that this shoe will shine! The only thing that held me back was its insufficient durability.


  • Lightweight and agile
  • Allows proper biomechanics
  • Versatile
  • Very breathable
  • Love the pull tab
  • Cushy
  • Responsive


  • Narrow width
  • Durability concern
  • Issues with the tongue
  • Excessively long shoelaces

Audience verdict


Hoka Rincon: what is it for

The Hoka Rincon offers lightweight protection that not only helps you hit that new PR, but also offers the perfect amount of cushioning for your longer runs.

The Rincon is built for versatile performance and would be an excellent choice for race day. The Rincon checks all the boxes in regards to cushioning, responsiveness, and lightweight feel—light enough for speed work, yet cushioned enough for any distance.

A happy encounter with the Hoka Rincon

Hoka has always been a shoe brand on my radar. Hoka is famous for their “pillowy-soft” rides, yet the Rincon offers a whole new experience.

The Rincon did not disappoint due to its lightweight, springy performance and the perfect amount of underfoot cushioning that keeps you comfortable at any distance.

I’ve never had the opportunity to surf at the world-famous Rincon surf spot, but I’d imagine the swell would be a smooth ride. Just as the name implies, the Rincon running shoes offer that smooth ride every runner dreams of.

There is nothing greater than a shoe that has the perfect balance between responsiveness and cushioning. If that is what you are seeking, look no further because the Hoka Rincon offers just that!

I love that, irrespective of distance or pace, the Rincon continued to feel amazing on my feet. The Rincon is versatile enough for up-tempo track workouts, yet is cushioned enough for longer distance training.

This shoe kept my feet happy mile after mile without feeling bogged down.

Simple upper that does the job

The Rincon’s upper makes a huge difference in not only weight but in performance. The upper is breathable as it is comprised of a single thin layer of mesh.

I have found with other shoes that overlays tend to cause hotspots, so I was elated that the Rincon had zero overlays! Despite being a simple single layer of mesh, the lockdown is quite snug thanks to the construction and material of the mesh upper.

Don’t be fooled; the mesh isn’t stretchy like other mesh uppers seen on other brands of running shoes. It is somewhat firm, yet still flexible enough to remain comfortable.

I loved that the mesh upper didn’t stretch out over time and provided great lockdown even after 50+ miles.

Furthermore, the design of the Rincon is unlike the other Hoka models we are familiar with. The Rincons have a sleeker look, which makes them easy to love. I am a fan of no-nonsense designs, and the Rincons have just that.

One thing additional feature that I love about this shoe is the oversized pull tab! I love the pull tab because it’s easy to use and prevents crushing the heel cup when putting your shoes on.

The pull tab remains aesthetically pleasing while being completely functional. I’m a fan and use the pull tab frequently!

The Rincon midsole rocks you forward

As expected, the Rincon offers a cushioned ride thanks to its compression foam EVA midsole. If you aren’t familiar with Hoka’s Meta-Rocker, this technology encourages a more natural running gait which increases running efficiency.

The Meta-Rocker technology boosts a smoother ride and assists with springy toe-offs. Remarkably, I found the shoe to be much more responsive than I anticipated.

I expected the shoe to be “mushy,” but this was not the case! To my surprise, the cushioning was just the right amount.

The cushioning, coupled with the Meta-Rocker, made a beautiful combination that made me feel like I was running effortlessly on air.

There are rubber pads on the high traction areas of the outsole most likely to preserve the overall weight of the shoe.

Unfortunately, the Rincon shows signs of premature wear. Therefore the Rincon may sacrifice durability for comfort due to the high amounts of exposed EVA foam.

Premature wear is shown here at approximately 20 miles

Sizing: half-a-size long

I was a bit bummed when I got these shoes because they run big. The shoe just feels too long. Ordering them online didn’t allow me the opportunity to try them on before I received them, which left me with a shoe that was too big/long.

I ordered a 9.5, but a 9 would have been sufficient. Live and learn. I just made sure to wear thicker socks to mitigate the sizing error.

As always, it’s best if you can try any running shoe on first to find your correct size, but here is my size chart of various shoe brands for comparison while choosing the right size for yourself:

Hoka Should be 9
New Balance 9
Reebok 9
Brooks 9
Altra 9
Nike 9.5
Inov8 9.5
Saucony 9.5
Salomon 9.5
On Running 9.5
Topo Athletic 9.5
The North Face 9.5
Mizuno 9.5

Rincon makes you faster!

The performance of the Rincon was spectacular. I can’t stress enough how much I love the versatility that the Rincon offers as I was just as comfortable doing up-tempo runs on the track as I was out on longer distance runs.

The Rincons are so lightweight that I always found myself running faster due to the lightweight nature of this shoe.

Though the Rincon is classified as a neutral trainer, I felt as though it bordered stability.

I like that the Rincon encouraged midfoot/forefoot striking due to the Meta-Rocker technology, which also facilitated greater toe-off during my up-tempo runs.

I certainly see myself using the Rincons for more road racing in the future because of their lightweight nature and springy ride. These are shoes in which I believe one can easily set a new PR in!

Wore my Rincons for a local 5K event

I appreciated the weight-to-cushion ratio on my longer training runs where the Rincons provided just the right amount of cushioning without compromising the overall weight.

Hoka tends to have a narrow forefoot, and I would venture to say that the Rincon is wider than other Hoka models, yet still narrow in the toe box. I do not have narrow feet, but I felt as though it was rather snug.

I did have a short break-in period for the Rincons as I had some issues with blistering on my great toes, but there is a possibility that this issue was due to the incorrect shoe size.

Otherwise, I was incredibly pleased with the overall performance of the Rincon.

Suggestions for the next Hoka Rincon

A few suggestions I would make for improvements for the Rincon are in regards to the tongue. I constantly found myself repositioning the tongue as it would move laterally on each of my runs.

In my opinion, the tongue is on the short side, which could attest to the issues with its movement. I found myself repositioning the tongue frequently and pulling it upward to try to get it in a comfortable spot.

Perhaps in future models, a gusseted tongue would keep the tongue in the appropriate place.

Often, when pulling the tongue upward, it would cause a bit of scrunching where the tongue originates. Also, when syncing the laces down while pulling the tongue upward caused some irritation to the top part of my foot due to the scrunching.

Showing mild scrunching

Moreover, I love the flat laces, yet the laces were much too long.

Lastly, the toe box of the Rincon is quite narrow. I found myself wishing for more space in the toe box, especially on my up-tempo runs to allow for greater toe splay.

Very long shoelaces

Lastly, I have concerns with regards to the durability and longevity of these shoes. I saw wear as early as 15 miles in the Rincons.

My Rating: 93/100

  • Aesthetics: 10/10
  • Comfort: 9/10
  • Cushioning: 9/10
  • Durability: 8/10
  • Performance: 10/10
  • Value: 9/10
  • Breathability: 10/10

What are you waiting for? You need these shoes today!