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  1. Any color
    Asics Aggressor 4 - Dive Blue/Rich Gold (1081A001400)
    Asics Aggressor 4 - Koi/Black (1081A001800)
    Asics Aggressor 4 - White/Black (1081A001100)
    Asics Aggressor 4 - White Rich Gold (1081A023710)
    Asics Aggressor 4 - Black (1081A001001)
    $130 $65 Save 50%
  2. Any color
    Adidas Adizero Varner 2 - Black (BA8020)
    Adidas Adizero Varner 2 - Red (AC7498)
    Adidas Adizero Varner 2 - White (M29839)
    $145 $120 Save 17%
  3. Any color
    Adidas Combat Speed 5 - Red/Black (F99971)
    Adidas Combat Speed 5 - Blue (F99972)
    Adidas Combat Speed 5 - Black (BA8007)
    Adidas Combat Speed 5 - Red (AC7499)
    Adidas Combat Speed 5 - Tan (AC8709)
    $85 $60 Save 29%
  4. $150 $85 Save 43%
  5. $85 $75 Save 12%
  6. $150 $90 Save 40%
  7. $120 $109 Save 9%
  8. $85 $35 Save 59%
  9. $140 $118 Save 16%
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Wrestling shoes

Wrestling shoes can either help you win or miss a takedown. Do you need more traction or something that allows quick escapes? Are you starting out and looking for a cheap pair of wrestling shoes or a professional that doesn’t mind spending?

Getting a wrestling shoe

Wrestling is a male-dominated sport, so it’s not often that you find wrestling shoes suited for women’s feet. Wrestling shoes follow men’s sizing. Thus, female wrestlers should remember to size down when purchasing one.

Wrestlers have different fighting styles, so the kind of wrestling shoe they need will also vary. If you’re the type who needs superior traction from heel to toe, a unisole wrestling shoe will suit you. Meanwhile, if you prefer something that lets you slide your foot easily, a split sole wrestling trainer may fit you well. On the other hand, if you want a combination of excellent grip and movability, a hybrid sole wrestling shoe should be considered.

If you want to know more about these trainers, check out our wrestling shoe buying guide.

Why buy wrestling shoes at RunRepeat

Wrestling shoes can have a hefty price tag. Some cost $200 or even more. Here at RunRepeat, we offer wrestling shoes priced at $100 to $150 from brands like Nike and Otomix. If you’re in a budget, you can get wrestling shoes from Adidas and Asics for less than $50.

Another reason to use RunRepeat is that you can easily compare the price and features of multiple models. This makes the selection to the buying process easier for buyers.