We spent 7.6 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what runners think:

8 reasons to buy

  • Some users commented that the Brooks Revel’s cushioning was soft and bouncy.
  • A lot of users appreciated the minimalist design and agreeable feel of the shoe.
  • One user said that even though he has flat feet, he did not feel any pain when using this shoe.
  • Another tester appreciated the extra padding that she felt in the heel area.
  • A few runners said that the toe box had enough room for toe-splay.
  • The shoe felt lightweight, based on a couple of reviews.
  • Many users said that they were satisfied when they used the shoe for longer runs.
  • The majority of reviews were glad to mention the shoe fitting true to size.

5 reasons not to buy

  • One tester was disappointed to see that some parts of the shoe showed wear after only using it a few times.
  • Another tester said that the back of the shoe felt tighter than other Brooks shoe models.
  • Some runners did not recommend the shoe for speed training. One user, in particular, said that it lacked the forward propelling sensation he needed.
  • One user narrated that he saw an exposed bent wire on the left heel of the shoe only after two weeks of usage.
  • A tester said that the arch of the shoe did not feel like it was in the right place.

Bottom line

The Brooks Revel is a neutral running road shoe that blends performance and style seamlessly. It is ideal for light workouts, short hikes, and everyday use. On top of that, those interested in a pair will be able to sport the shoe as a lifestyle sneaker because of its modern and subdued design.



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92 / 100 based on 5 expert reviews

  • 94 / 100 |

    Is The Brooks Revel a Running Revelation?

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    According to one source, the Brooks Revel is “A cushioned trainer that is ready for anything from short recovery runs to long distance efforts.” (Running Warehouse) Is it ready for anything?

    See the verdict below.


    The Shoe

    The Revel weighs 10.5 ounces, but it feels lighter on one’s feet. It feels like 9.4 ounces.

    The Revel’s heel drop is an unexpected 11mm, but it does not feel like it. It feels like a 6 to 8 mm drop. After initial runs in the shoe, I would have confidently said 6mm.



    The Revel has a flat knit upper which is styled in the latest urban-suburban “work and play” look trend. It’s a style that draws comments and compliments if you like that sort of thing.

    The Revel offers a near-perfect fit. There’s room up front for one’s toes to comfortably splay, and yet the fit is nicely snug around the heel.

    The best part of the fit is midfoot where Brooks uses a Midfoot Stretch Saddle for “a personalized and secure midfoot fit.” It is most definitely secure.

    The Revel is based on a BioMoGo DNA biodegradable midsole that is intended to be responsive. And, surprisingly, the entire sole is made of high abrasion-resistant rubber.



    The Revel’s sock liner also makes use of BioMoGo materials. The insole fits well, and while it feels soft, it’s nicely protective. (I was dealing with heel soreness issues when I began to use the Revel. Those issues faded away.)

    The Ride

    One can feel a nice amount of punch in the Revel on concrete, and that responsiveness becomes downright bouncy on asphalt.

    There’s quite decent forefoot flexibility due to four pronounced flex grooves, and the Revel has enough stability to meet the needs of mild to moderate pronators. While the shoe facilitates the midfoot striking runner, the heel drop is large enough for heel strikers.



    What’s a bit of a shock about the Revel’s forefoot is that there’s hard rubber up there; in fact, it feels firmer than the rubber in the rear of the sole that provides for a soft heel landing. But the ride is smooth, quite smooth.

    In the Revel, one is not restricted to either running close to the ground or to lifting the feet high up. The Revel is happy to facilitate either running style.

    The Grades 

    Adaptability/Versatility: A

    Some running shoes lock you into a certain style, which is a problem when it does not coincide with your natural style. This is not an issue with the Revel, it will adapt to your needs.

    Cushioning: A- to A

    The Revel delivers all the cushioning one could ask for in a trainer.

    Responsiveness: B+ to A

    The Revel is loaded with bounce-back, but not so much so that it produces wasted energy.

    Speed: B- to B

    The Revel will allow a runner to build up momentum at faster tempos – and it’s a very good shoe to use for tempo runs, but it is not a naturally fast shoe due to its weight and relative lack of firmness.

    Price: A to A+

    I was initially shocked to discover that the Revel (like the Brooks Launch) sells for $100. It looks and feels underfoot like a shoe costing $120 to $125.


    Brooks Rotation 

    Because both the Launch share a bargain price point, for $200 a runner can build a two-shoe rotation.

    The Revel can be used on standard training days, and the Launch – which is lighter and more neutral, can be used on short race days or for fast tempo sessions. Both models are quite durable for trainers.

    The runner who needs a mild stability racing shoe and/or speed trainer can add the Asteria from Brooks, while the runner needing a protective recovery day and long run shoe can add the excellent Glycerin 15.

    The Next Step 

    As I put in miles in the Revel trainer, it struck me that by the time the Revel 3 is released, Brooks might want to consider releasing a cousin of the shoe. How about the Revel Racer?

    A racing flat version of the Revel would be lighter, might contain a midfoot shank in the sole for some stability, would be firmer in the midfoot/forefoot for quicker step-offs and would – best of all – be loaded with glorious blown rubber in the forefoot.

    (Such a racing version of the Revel might cost more rather than less, but such is life.)

    OK, Brooks at least think about it.


    The Verdict 

    Yes, the Brooks Revel is a shoe that’s ready for just about anything. This is a high-quality daily trainer that will make a fine shoe for races from 3.1 to 26.2 miles. It offers some stability but not enough to negatively affect neutral runners. Best of all, the price point is exemplary for an excellent product.

    With the Revel on your feet, you can revel in your abandon.

    Highly recommended.

  • 92 / 100 |

    Brooks Revel: Speed & Comfort

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    Founded by Morris Goldenburg in 1914, Brooks Sports, Inc. is a manufacturer of running shoes and apparel, now based in the city of Seattle, the State of Washington, U.S.A.

    Brooks, a neutral road shoe with very good cushioning and new upper material.

    The Revel is suited for a wide variety of runs from a neighborhood jog around the block to the marathon.


    The Fit & Finish

    Typical Brooks quality in both materials and workmanship. The new knit upper mesh forms to your foot shape, laces are stretch oval-shaped and stay tied.

    You have to look hard to see any stitches on this model. The foam cushioning is the tried and proven BioMoGo with some DNA in strategic areas.

    Here are 2 interesting links that explain BioMoGo and DNA.


    The Ride

    Quiet, almost as quiet running as the Brooks Ghost 9. Outer sole is nearly full contact for a stable feel and good traction.

    These shoes are a little bit more flexible than the Ghost, and more flexible than most other shoes I have owned. Attention to detail can be seen with the added post under the arch.



    Weight                    12.4 oz. / 352 gr.

    Sizes                        US 12, EU 46, UK 11

    Heel to Toe Drop   12mm

    Colors                      Black, Grey, Blue, Red with accent colors

    Arch                        Medium to High

    Miles Tested           55

    Things worth checking when shopping

    • Ankle clearance – Do your ankles rub the collar? This will be worse on the uneven road!
    • Toe box height and clearance -  Check with your winter socks on, black toenails are bad.
    • Bunion clearance and painful hot spots - Think about selecting a supplier that allows you to run for a few days or more to check new shoes for discomforts you would never detect by simply trying them on.
    •  The line of stitching that attaches the tongue, on the underside inside of the shoe.
    • Think about having a gait analysis or having a knowledgeable person look at your shoes to determine if you should be looking at neutral, support or motion control category shoes.


    The Revel is sans reflectors.

    Reflectors don't seem to matter as much as they did ten years ago because today nobody is looking, even when driving.

    Did you know that being struck by a vehicle traveling at 40 km/hr is equivalent to a fall from a 2 story building? Never expect a driver to do the expected!



    In 2007 an employee of the Brooks company was struck by a car while out running, she later died of her injuries. To this day Brooks has her initials "LD" on the Defyance model.

    Revel vs. Ghost

    It's hard to be compared to the Brooks Ghost, a real champion in its 10th year. The Revel is a great Challenger, a worthy contender, but the Ghost is still the champ.

    Both shoes are excellent, doing what they were designed to do very well.

    The Revel is lighter, the Ghost more cushioned. Both shoes have DNA as BioMoGo; Revel is about $ 20 less.

    Taking the risk of making an automotive analogy I would say that the Revel is the same BMW sedan but without the chrome of the Ghost.

    Which shoes to bring to the starting line in September? I don't know for sure because they are both super shoes, but I am not quite ready to give up on the Ghost!

    Run Happy! Run Safe!

    My thanks to the Brooks Sports Co., Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. for supplying these shoes to me at no cost.

  • 100 / 100 | Running Shoes Guru | | Level 4 expert

    The Brooks Revel, a new addition to the Brooks neutral cushioning lineup is a daily trainer intended to offer, at a lower price, quality performance while maintaining “street-style” for daily wear.

  • First look | Running Warehouse | Level 3 expert

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  • The Brooks Revel’s design mirrors the sleekness of the running shoes and lifestyle sneakers of today. With its engineered flat knit upper, the silhouette of the shoe looks smooth and seamless. The two-tone design of the material makes it possible for wearers to sport the Revel as a shoe for every occasion, and not just a shoe for running.
  • Comfort was not neglected when this shoe was designed. It features an internal cleatie that provides a more secure yet adaptable fit. The profile sock liner made with a special BioMoGo foam unit creates an enhanced in-shoe feel, while the plush collar extends the lush feel of the shoe to the runner’s ankle.

The Revel comes in standard shoe sizes. Runners will be able to purchase a pair in their usual size measurements. It is similar to the shoe’s width – it comes in standard width measurements, B - Medium and D – Medium for women and men, respectively.

The Brooks Revel has an HPR Plus outsole which is also the same outsole used in its latest version, the Brooks Revel 2. This rubber material was developed to be highly resistant to abrasion, thereby protecting the underfoot area of the shoe optimally. Aside from durability, this rubber material also improves the traction of the shoe, improving its grip on various surfaces.

The midsole is composed of Brook’s BioMoGo DNA. The Brooks DNA commonly uses a gel material for cushioning, but in the case of the BioMoGo DNA technology, the is DNA fused with the BioMoGo biodegradable midsole compound to deliver an adaptive cushioning all throughout the platform of the shoe.  This midsole technology is also seen in one of Brooks' popular road running shoe, the Levitate 2

An engineered flat knit upper is used on the Brooks Revel. This type of knit material is very breathable, allowing air to pass through as it keeps the foot cool at all times during runs. The knit upper also has a stretchable characteristic that moves in all directions, providing a customized fit no matter the foot dimensions.

Runners will be able to reap the benefits of a sock-like fit because of an internal cleatie construction. This cleatie wraps the foot snugly, providing a good amount of security, as well as a comfortable in-shoe feel without being too constrictive.

A profile sock liner is placed to add a layer of cushioning. Made using BioMoGo foam, it essentially heightens the already comfortable in-shoe feel of the Revel, focusing more on the lightweight support and complimentary underfoot comfort.

On the mid-foot is a stretch saddle that helps retain the shape of the shoe. This add-on blends well with the seamlessness of the upper, and it is connected to the shoe’s lacing system. Tightening the laces also tightens the saddle, thus providing a more secure fit on the mid-foot.

To extend the comfort to the runner’s ankles, the collar was made plush. This additional padding adds minimal protection to the ankles, and it also tops off the comfort the shoe aims to provide.

Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen

Jens Jakob is a fan of short distances with a 5K PR at 15:58 minutes. Based on 35 million race results, he's among the fastest 0.2% runners. Jens Jakob previously owned a running store, when he was also a competitive runner. His work is regularly featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, BBC and the likes as well as peer-reviewed journals. Finally, he has been a guest on +30 podcasts on running.