Soft and Smooth with the Brooks Glycerin 15

89 / 100 by Stephen Clevenger • Level 3 expert

The Glycerin is pure comfort offering a smooth ride throughout.

There is plenty of cushioning mixed with a soft and supple upper. A stark difference from any other shoe is the supple ankle and upper foot padding offered by Brooks.

The Glycerin rides like a full-size SUV, it is extraordinarily comfortable but does not offer much in the way of speed. The Glycerin carries a bit of extra weight compared to most shoes in the market now.




Comfort, comfort, comfort!

The Glycerin upper fits like a wool sock in the middle of winter, perfect. The tongue and ankle offer a good amount of padding surrounding the upper area of the foot. When your foot slides into the Glycerin it feels remarkably secure, while maintaining comfort.

Padding surrounding your upper foot makes your foot feet like it is surrounded by pillows. Brooks has really perfected comfort in the upper shoe with their Plush 3D Fit Print Technology, that adapts and expands to fit your stride.




The ride of the Glycerin is incredibly smooth. Brooks claims that the Super DNA midsole provides 25% more adaptable cushioning than their standard DNA midsole.

Brooks has also emphasized their plush transition zone, offering more flexibility in combination with the cushioning.

Both features combine flexibility and cushioning into a smooth and comfortable ride. These shoes really do take comfort to the next level.




The Brooks Glycerin is a decked out, premium package SUV, not a sports car. It has all the comfort you need for the long trip. All of the comfort amenities come in a package that creates a bit more weight and a bit of a bulky feel.

Just like you wouldn’t take an SUV to the race track you wouldn’t make the Glycerin your tempo run or race day shoe.




The Glycerin is well built and built to last. It handles quite a bit of mileage well without too much wear and tear. The thicker sole and well-constructed upper offer longevity that most shoes on the market today do not have.

Again, this construction adds a bit to the weight of the shoe overall, but understanding this is not your race day shoe will go a long way to enjoy a bit of a heavier ride.



The SUV of running shoes, not only the SUV but the premium package, limited edition. It isn’t small and it isn’t quick but it will get you to your destination comfortably and leave you refreshed when you get there.

When running higher mileage the Glycerin is a perfect addition to the rotation to ease the pounding.

Stephen Clevenger

Stephen Clevenger • Level 3 expert

This is Stephen! I ran cross country and track for two years in college but struggled with injuries, giving up any serious training until a couple years ago. In my return to running, I’ve run 4 half marathons and one marathon so far with a personal best of 1:08:01 and ran in the 2018 Boston Marathon placing 55th. I've been rotating shoes and ready to share my knowledge with everyone in the running community!

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