Updates to Asics Gel Pulse 11 MX

The Asics Gel Pulse 11 MX is a running shoe that is meant for those who desire comfort and stylishness throughout their daily activities. The ‘athleisure’ aesthetics of this product permit it to work well across a variety of tasks. Though resembling its counterpart, the original Gel Pulse 11 model, the facade of the Pulse 11 MX is made with a knitted textile instead of mesh. The purpose of such a change is to heighten the luxuriousness of the design.

Size and fit

Standard sizing schemes are the basis of the creation of the Asics Gel Pulse 11 MX. The runners are welcome to use their usual choices of size to achieve an in-shoe feel that is accommodating yet secure. Still, it would be prudent to get ahold of how the foot experiences the interior environment of this road running shoe to fully enjoy it.

Having the capacity to appreciate a secure yet non-restrictive wrap is a highlight of any performance shoe. This model delights in its semi-curved shape, a trait that deftly follows the natural curvature of the human foot. Furthermore, the upper unit strives to prevent in-shoe wobbling by having a concentration of printed overlays on the sides.


The outsole unit of the Asics Gel Pulse 11 MX features a molded rubber layer to protect the base of the cushioning unit from wear-and-tear. The material is meant to last long, as well. Traction is a trait that allows this product to deliver confident movements on the ground.

Flex grooves near the forefoot section are added to make the platform as flexible as possible. The platform becomes more bendable and able to welcome the toes’ ability to gear themselves for the liftoff phase of the gait cycle.

The rear part of the platform has been decoupled to isolate the heel landing impact on the exact area that is in contact with the ground. Smoother steps can be appreciated because of the existence of this element in the design.


AmpliFoam™ is the material that is used for the midsole unit of this Asics running shoe. This full-length accouterment is made to be lightweight yet able to properly return energy to the foot for an invigorated ride. And though flexible by design, it is also durable enough to maintain its form, even after many runs.

Gel® is a silicon-based, shock-attenuating technology placed in the rear and forefoot section of the Gel Pulse 11 MX. Impact shock during the landing phase is mitigated by this feature, thus giving a means of making the steps as smooth and effortless as possible. GEL® is used in many series of shoes from Asics stable, including the long-running Gel Cumulus line.

The Ortholite® X-4O Sockliner is an add-on that is placed right above the primary cushioning unit. The job of this element is to provide a soft surface for the underside of the foot. It even has antimicrobial and anti-moisture features to maintain a clean and healthy in-shoe experience.


A knitted textile is used for the upper unit of the Asics Gel Pulse 11 MX. This material offers a form-fitting wrap that is secure yet breathable. It is also seamless to prevent hot spots and chafing.

The sides and the areas that encompass the collar and the eyestays feature printed overlays. They are made to ascertain the erect form of the silhouette and the security of the foot that is in the interior compartment.

A stitched-on toe bumper protects the toes from surface abrasion and road debris that may hit the front of the shoe and cause discomfort.


The current trend of Asics Gel Pulse 11 MX.
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