Our verdict

The Torin 5 is an all-around great shoe. Plenty of cushion for the longer efforts or recovery runs, but not too much so as to feel sloppy. If there’s only one shoe you buy this year to serve as your daily runner, the Torin 5 is worth seriously considering.


  • True to size
  • Dialed-in cushioning
  • Responsive
  • Superb comfort
  • No adaptation period
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish


  • Too plush for some

Altra Torin 5 review

The Torin 5 delivers a great package of performance and comfort in a shoe that is both cushioned and responsive.

Who should buy the Torin 5

The Altra Torin 5 is a shoe best suited for runners who want a:

  • light daily runner that responds well
  • shoe with just enough cushion but not too much

Who should NOT buy the Torin 5

Look away if you:

Comfort beyond my expectations

I have to begin by saying that the Torin 5 was so comfortable that I sometimes forgot that I was wearing a running shoe. The supple sidewall construction really needs no adaptation period. The wonderful aeration of the upper material and the great cushion of the sole only adds to that comfort. 


Responsive and quick

The Torin 5, despite the generous cushion, is far from a recovery shoe. This shoe feels quick and nimble from the onset. Being relatively light (9 oz) the Torin 5 feels fast, with a really good recovery and energy return. The Torin 5 is responsive and corners well. The ample cushion does not detract from the way the shoe responds, which is pretty remarkable. 


True to size

The Torin 5 fits true to size. I wear a US men’s 9.5 and the Torin hit the mark exactly.

Some extra cushion… Just for you!

Alright, I have to be honest. I have a soft spot for a little extra cushion in my running shoes. Don´t get me wrong, I love my slimmed down, 7oz, no-nonsense racing flats, but when it comes to pounding the pavement to get my daily miles in, I really enjoy the cushion. The Torin 5 strikes a nice balance between soft and responsive in their Altra EGO MAX sole.


The Torin 5 is nice and light

Tipping the scales at 9 oz the Torin 5 is nice and light. While not as lean as a racing shoe, the Torin 5 is perfectly in league with shoes within its intended use genre. The Torin 5 is the perfect weight for those everyday runs. Altra even achieves this weight while offering a slightly more cushioned platform.  

Enhanced heel collar is a nice touch

I loved the re-designed heel collar. It has a little more padding than the Torin 4.5 and that adds to the comfort and security you get from the Torin 5. The locked-in feel you get from the heel collar is exceptional, yet the material it is made from is not rigid plastic.


Love the style of the Torin 5

The Torin 5 has a great look about it. The Torin has great lines and cool contours on the heel box. With four colors to choose from, the Torin will fit most runners' styles. 


Priced competitively and worth it

The Torin 5 has an MSRP of $150, which is right where I would expect it to be. The Torin 5 is not cheap, don´t get me wrong, but it is right in the ballpark for what you'd expect to pay for a performance-level running shoe. The Torin 5 is a great choice for any runner who is a fan of the zero-drop, foot-shaped style and who likes to turn on quick inspired daily miles with the brutality that gravity can deliver to our joints.