Updates to Under Armour Fuse FST

  • Under Armour Fuse FST’s platform contains the Micro G foam midsole which was designed for ultimate underfoot comfort. It’s 30% thinner than standard foam units, maintaining the light weight of the shoe while allowing the runner’s foot to be closer to the ground.
  • Solid rubber strategically covers the high impact zones of the outsole, delivering a protective shield against wear and tear. Because this material doesn’t include the entire surface of the bottom area, the weight is kept light.
  • Flex grooves were anatomically placed in critical areas to allow the sole unit to move more freely. These indentions permit natural expansion and compression, preventing the outsole from being too rigid.

Size and fit

The Under Armour Fuse FST comes with the standard running shoe length. Runners will be able to purchase it in their usual size preferences. For the width, runners will have more options since there are medium and wide widths available.


Solid rubber covers the majority of the outsole's surface area. This type of material is durable, yet lightweight. It only shelters the high impact areas to protect them from early signs of wear and tear. Solid rubber is also non-marking, so it makes the shoe usable for indoor sports and activities.

Flex grooves of different designs and placements make up the tread. A good number of these indentations are found in the forefoot, allowing the natural bending and twisting of the foot during runs.


For ultimate comfort, a one-piece Micro G foam was introduced as the central midsole platform. This material is 30% thinner than the standard cushioning units. Its minimal weight helps in maintaining the shoe’s lightness. Its thinness also allows a closer-to-the-ground feel, yet it’s capable of delivering a good amount of energy and rebound. The Micro G foam is as responsive and comfortable as the midsole material used in the Brooks Launch 6.

Inside, an EVA sock liner was added as an extra layer of cushioning that delivers a more comfortable step-in feel. Also, as the runner goes through the running cycle, the sock liner slightly helps in absorbing the impact upon landing, faintly preventing the likelihood of injury on the knee and joints.


The upper is made up of a breathable and elastic mesh. Because of the gaps between the threads, the mesh easily allows air to pass through, making the inside environment cool and ventilated. The material also stretches easily, making it simpler for this part of the shoe to cater to different foot shapes.

On the midfoot is a bonded panel, which goes well with the upper’s sleek design. It was made to provide the middle part of the foot’s dorsum with minimal support and lockdown, preventing it from moving around while the runner is in motion.


The current trend of Under Armour Fuse FST.
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Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen

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