The Under Armour Charged Intake 4 is a road running shoe that has been constructed to deliver responsive steps and a wrap that is breathable and blister-free. The technology that is new to the series is the HeatGear® collar lining, a material that wicks off moisture and maintains breathability. Comfort is the name of the game of this product, and it is also highlighted by the cradle-style two-piece midsole.

Size and fit

Runners can utilize their usual sizing expectations when it comes to this Under Armour running shoe because the standard sizing schemes were used when it was made. It is, however, highly encouraged to test it personally before making a purchase decision to fully enjoy the in-shoe experience. The sideways fit is likely accommodating as the upper is made of form-welcoming materials while the platform aims to cradle the foot naturally.


The rear portion of the external pad features a high abrasion rubber. The job of this layer is to prevent the damaging nature of the ground from affecting the structural integrity of the platform. It also provides surface grip.

The front part of the outsole is made of blown rubber. This technology has a spongy nature to potentially add a bit more oomph to the responsiveness of the whole platform. It is also touted to adhere to the ground well.

Flex grooves are featured in the horizontal aspect of the outsole. These trenches make the platform as flexible as possible, thus accommodating the natural movement capacity of the foot. The forefoot lift is the part of the step that benefits the most from this design.


Underfoot cushioning is the responsibility of the two-piece Charged Cushioning® technology. The first part is a carrier foam that serves as the base of the whole platform. It is responsible for impact attenuation and general support throughout the cycle of taking each step. The second part is an upper layer that cradles the foot and keeps it comfortable at all times.

A sockliner is placed right on top of the cushioning system, and it acts as a layer that affords extra comfort and softness. The fabric that covers this add-on evokes the feeling of stepping on a smooth plane. If the runner wants to replace or remove it, then they can do so with ease.


The upper unit of the Charged Intake 4 uses a mesh that has an open construction. This feature is meant to wrap the foot and secure it without delivering a too-snug feeling. The open holes that are part of the lattice-like design accommodate environmental air into the foot-chamber. Breathable meshes are well-known in the running shoe industry, and they are used in many revered series like the Newton Gravity.

This neutral running shoe has the HeatGear®, an inner sleeve technology that staves off moisture without sacrificing breathability and form-fitting security.

A thermoplastic counter is placed right outside the heel section of the silhouette. The purpose of this piece is to help the upper unit in holding the heel in place, thus maintaining positional balance. Also, it averts accidental shoe removals.


The current trend of Under Armour Charged Intake 4.
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