Size and fit

Just like other slip-ons from Vans, expect that the Vans Slip-On Mega Checker black & white skate shoes come in unisex sizing as well. Ladies and gents rejoice as broad size ranges are available for this model. 

Those that are familiar with how Vans fit can avail of their usual but for first-timers, it is recommended to size down half, or full size as these fit big. The convenient slip is always a bonus but the fastest wear possible.

Vans Mega Checker Slip-on Style

The checkerboard has been a mainstay print that is ultimately identifiable foremost for Vans. Unexpectedly, this black and white pattern stood the test of time but, true to Vans' reputation, some expect that its design strategy is Off the Wall.

The oversized print swerves from the attention-grabbing aura and leans towards a more toned-down look. Users get a huge block of contrasting tones which suits those that are leaning towards the minimalist look.

Notable Features

A primary factor why the brand is well-loved by many is that despite design changes, its signature features are kept intact. The signature Waffle sole, which provides a grippy step that is useful, even for casual use. Housing the magnified checkerboard pattern is a durable canvas material.

Vans Mega Checker Slip-on History

The year 1966 started the revolutionary story of Vans. Run by four men, brothers Paul and Jim Van Doren and business partners Serge Delia and Gordon Lee, the brand began from a small store in Anaheim, California. The unique concept, an all-in-one shop, set the brand apart from the others. From a factory, down to the storefront, users get to enjoy different benefits of having a more personalized shoe, despite the added waiting time to get their preferred pair.

Just like New Balance that named its shoes by the number, Vans had that same numeric system when it started. Housing few iconic silhouettes, one that stood out was the Style #48, or more well-known as the Vans Slip-on. Because it fuses style with convenience, with the added feature of skate durability, it transformed many as Vans enthusiasts.

Along with the release of the Slip-on Vans was also the launch of an iconic print that is as huge as the elephant pattern of the Jordans. Proof that anything can serve as an inspiration, the checkerboard came from children’s doodles on white sneakers. The permanent marker that was used to draw the design was further improved by Steve Van Doren, one of the founder’s sons, and imprinted it on the canvas of the shoe.

Initially captivating a niche market, its audience widened when it was featured on the 1982 film Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Skyrocketed popularity also equates to its ubiquity. It means that everyone, from musicians to preppies wore them. Over the years, Vans experimented with different colorways, but one of their recent releases puts a refreshing twist on the classic called the Mega Checker Slip-on.



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