Sneaker Industry Statistics

Posted on 20 October, 2021 by Danny McLoughlin

Sneaker industry overview

  • The sneaker industry is worth $78 billion
  • By 2025, it is projected to be worth over $100 billion
  • This is huge growth from 2012, where the whole industry was worth less than $35 billion
  • The resale market is worth $10 billion
  • The resale value is projected to be worth $30 billion by 2030
  • Estimates suggest the counterfeit sneaker market could be worth as much as $450 billion -- more than 5 times the value of the legitimate market
  • The sneaker industry is projected to be worth $102 billion by 2025
  • An almost 100% increase from its value in 2016

Sneaker industry value by year

 Year  Value
 2012  $34.28 billion
 2013  $37.62 billion
 2014  $41.80 billion
 2015  $47.76 billion
 2016  $54.12 billion
 2017  $58.98 billion
 2018  $64.30 billion
 2019  $69.65 billion
 2020  $70.76 billion
 2021  $78.59 billion

Sneaker industry projected growth

 Year  Value
 2022  $85.54 billion
 2023  $91.68 billion
 2024  $97.21 billion
 2025  $102.73 billion

Sneaker industry major players and market share

  • Nike have an estimated 29.9% market share
  • Adidas have an estimated 16.5% market share
  • The Jordan brand generated revenues of $4.7 billion in FY20/21, up 31% year on year

Nike footwear stats

  • In 2020, Nike sold $23.3 billion worth of footwear
  • Nike footwear sales totaled 39% of their total revenue
  • Nike is supplied by 122 footwear factories in 12 countries
  • Almost 100% of Nike sneakers are manufactured outside of the US by 15 independent contract manufacturers
  • 96% of Nike footwear is made in Vietnam, Indonesia and China (50%, 24% and 22% respectively)
  • Nike lists Adidas, Anta, ASICS, Li Ning, lululemon Athletica, PUMA, Under Armour, and V.F. Corporation as the biggest competitors in their latest annual report
  • This was down 4% from 2019 but up 9% from 2018
  • Nike’s sales in China increased 9% in FY20/21

Adidas footwear stats

  • Adidas sold $12.9 billion of footwear in 202
  • This was 18% down from 2019
  • Key footwear franchises (Ultraboost, Predator, Superstar and more) generated more than 34% of footwear revenue
  • At Adidas owned Reebok, 67% of sales came from new products -- released this year
  • Adidas works with 132 independent manufacturing partners with 277 factories
  • 97% of Adidas footwear is manufactured in Asia
    • 42% from Vietnam
    • 28% from Indonesia
    • 15% from China
  • The largest factory in Vietnam produces 8% of all Adidas footwear
  • In 2020, 71% of polyester Adidas used was recycled

Gender and age breakdown of the sneaker industry

  • The sneaker industry for men is valued at $ billion
  • The sneaker industry for women is valued at $ billion
  • The sneaker industry for children is valued at $34.1 billion
    • 47.2% of this is made up of boys sneakers
    • The rest is made up of girls and unisex sneakers

Counterfeit sneakers stats

  • The counterfeit sneaker market is thought to be worth as much as $450 billion
  • This is more than 5 and a half times the size of the legitimate sneaker market
  • Sneakers are the second most counterfeited product after apparel and accessories
  • Only a third of customers were able to distinguish between sites that sold counterfeit sneakers and legitimate websites
  • 70% of counterfeit sneakers are sold offline
  • 30% of fake sneakers are sold online
  • In 2018, a shipment of 385,280 pairs of counterfeit sneakers was seized by customs when trying to enter the US. The shipment was thought to be worth up to $57 million.
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