PUMA business statistics

Posted on 07 November, 2021 by Danny McLoughlin

Top PUMA business statistics

  • PUMA SE (PUM) is valued at €16.88 billion
  • PUMA generates €5.23 billion of sales each year
  • 96% of PUMA products are sourced or manufactured in Asia
  • The three-person management board of PUMA, including the CEO, were paid a combined €2.2 million in 2020, less than 5% of the Nike CEO’s total compensation in 2020
  • PUMA spend €1 billion per year on marketing and retail expenses

PUMA financial statistics

  • PUMA’s revenue in 2020 was €5.23 billion
  • PUMA’s revenues grew 51.51% from 2016 to 2019 before their growth was interrupted by the pandemic in 2020
  • In the 3rd quarter of 2020, PUMA had their best-ever quarter generating sales of €1.58 billion
  • PUMA pay €39.2 million in taxes at a rate of 24.2%

PUMA sales by region

  • PUMA sold €1.98 billion worth of product in their EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa)
  • PUMA generated sales of €1.77 billion in the Americas 
  • PUMA generated sales of €1.47 billion in the Asia-Pacific region

PUMA sales by channel

  • PUMA’s wholesale revenue makes up 72.7% of all sales at €3.8 billion
  • PUMA’s direct-to-consumer sales make up 27.2% of all sales at €1.42 billion
  • Direct to Consumer (Retail stores and e-commerce) increased by 6.4% despite the pandemic and sales at PUMA’s own retail stores declined
  • This is due to the PUMA e-commerce business growing by over 60%
  • PUMA’s direct-to-consumer sales have almost doubled since 2016, growing by 97.2%
  • PUMA’s licencing income from ​​royalties and commissions decreased by 36% to €16.1 million

PUMA sales by product

  • Footwear makes up 45.2% of PUMA sales at €2.37 billion
  • Apparel makes up 37.7% of PUMA sales at €1.97 billion
  • Sales of PUMA accessories total €892 million

Covid-19’s impact on PUMA

  • At the start of the pandemic, PUMA secured total credit lines of €1.8 billion 
  • €900 million of this was from KfW, the German state bank
  • PUMA worked to protect suppliers, employee jobs, and wholesale retail partners
    • Retail partners were offered delayed deliveries and extended payment terms
    • Suppliers were asked to slow down production but not to cancel orders
    • PUMA held more inventory in warehouses
    • Less than 1% of all orders from suppliers were cancelled

PUMA manufacturing and distribution

  • PUMA outsources almost all of its production to 139 independent suppliers
  • These suppliers are in 31 countries around the world
  • 96% of PUMA products are sourced or manufactured in Asia
  • 6 countries are responsible for 94% of all production 
    • Vietnam - 35%
    • China - 26%
    • Bangladesh - 14%
    • Cambodia - 13%
    • Indonesia - 4%

PUMA Sustainability

  • 100% of the cotton used in PUMA products is “more sustainable”
  • PUMA uses 650 tonnes of plastic shopping bags each year
    • 400 tonnes in store
    • 250 tonnes in product packaging
    • Only 4.9% of these plastic bags contain recycled materials
  • 81% of PUMA apparel contains at least 50% “more sustainable” material
  • This compares to 47% of accessories and 24% of footwear being made of more than 50% more sustainable materials

PUMA employee statistics

  • PUMA has 14,347 employees
  • PUMA spends €441.9 million wages and salaries each year
  • The average salary for a PUMA employee is €30,743 

  • There is a 50% to 50% male-to-female ratio of employees across all locations in which PUMA operate
  • 29% of PUMA employees are covered by a collective bargaining agreement


No. of Employees

Marketing, retail and sales






  • The entire PUMA management board (3 members) were paid €2.2 million - working out at approximately €733,000 each if split equally
  • This is less than 5% of the Nike CEO’s total compensation in 2020
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