Who should buy the On Cloudflow 2.0

The On Cloudflow 2.0 is a lightweight neutral road running shoe best recommended for:

  • speed training, long-distance, marathon, and triathlons
  • daily running, jogging, and treadmill sessions

Comfortable, lightweight, and protective

So, the time that every runner doesn’t like came. I started getting some problems with my hamstrings during some of my runs. Almost immediately, I took a close look at my running shoes and discovered that I had run with this beloved pair for a bit more than 900km.

It was 900 km ago that I tried my first pair of the On Cloudflow shoes. I liked them—they were comfortable, lightweight, and more importantly, kept me injury free for all these miles. 

Cloudflow 2.0 looks amazing

It was time to get new shoes. And after being so satisfied with my old pair, I wanted to get the same model again, just to realize that there was a new version of the Cloudflow, and got my hands on two new pairs of them.

In terms of looks, I think they look amazing. I like all the details that On puts in the design of their shoes, the little Swiss flag in them is a charm and kind of shows how the brand takes care of everything, including the tiniest details.

Lacks support

Some users are disappointed with the lightweight shoe's classic lacing system. Another significant downside is that the running shoe lacks support, expressed some wearers. 

Quite a few athletes have observed that the road running shoe caused abrasions. A number of runners are also upset because rocks get in between the cuts on the outsole.

Superb ground contact

The first impression is that these are very comfortable shoes. I’ve to admit that I still love shoes with a barefoot feeling. I love to feel the texture of the ground with my feet.

This feeling and awareness of the floor is something you simply cannot get with these shoes and is something that I kind of miss. Nevertheless, it allows you to run more comfortably for longer distances and enables you to recover your legs, especially your calves, faster.

Responsive ride in the Cloudflow 2.0

When starting to run, I noticed that this Cloudflow provides you with some cushioning and at the same time, some springy feeling. Somehow, you feel like wanting to move your legs faster while running with these shoes.

Compared to my old Cloudflow, this new version to me seems to have less cushioning, provide more direct contact with the ground, and feel a bit more responsive. This is contrary to what I read from other reviews from the Cloudflow 2.0.

Pods get closer to the midfoot

However, I’ve to admit that I’m comparing a new pair of shoes against an old pair, so take this bit of information with a grain of salt. One big difference between the old Cloudflow and the new generation deals with the size of the “Cloud pods”.

Both generations of Cloudflow shoes come with 19 “Cloud pods.” However, with this new generation, the pods get closer to the middle of the foot. On the left is an old Cloudflow while on the right is the new generation of it.


Pebbles getting stuck

I read that one advantage of closing the gaps in between the “Clouds” was to avoid getting pebbles stuck on them. Well, that is not actually the case. I just finished running 24km with them in all types of terrains, and I arrived home with these two pebbles. 


Anyway, 24km is the longest I’ve run so far with these shoes, and the run went very smooth I completely forgot about my feet during it, which to me shows that the shoes did a great job. 

Not for wet surfaces

The biggest complaint I had about my old Cloudflow, was their lack of tracking on wet pavement. This new generation of Cloudflow does not seem to have this problem anymore. They provided me with a fairly decent grip during one of my rainy runs. 

The new generation of Cloudflow is a very comfortable shoe. They fit perfectly with me. They present a bit of cushioning while keeping the lightweight and some springy feeling.

Meant for easy and long runs

These shoes are great for easy and long runs. You quickly forget that you are wearing anything, and you get the feeling of wanting to run faster. 

Not for tempo runs. The previous version of Cloudflow had some cushioning but lacked some responsiveness. Therefore, I did not find them that good for tempo runs.

Pretty good for faster runs 

However, with the springy feeling that this new generation of Cloudflow provides, you do not feel like slowing down so much because of the cushioning. Therefore, I think the shoes are pretty good for faster runs.

While I find the new Cloudflow good for faster runs, I think there are better options if you are really going for a personal best in a race.

On Cloudflow 2.0 offers decent durability

I guess Cloudflow 2.0 will have approximately the same durability as the old ones. I’m fairly lightweight, and usually, I change my shoes after 1000km.

I used my old Cloudflow for a bit more than 900. So, they might be a bit less durable than the average running shoes.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 8.3oz / Women 7oz
Drop: 6mm
Arch support: Neutral
Update: On Cloudflow 3.0
Collection: On Helion
Pronation: Neutral Pronation / Supination / Underpronation

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Jan Schneider
Jan Schneider

At the end of 2001, I decided to explore what is it like to be a runner. One year later, I joined the track and field team from my university and ran for my university until my graduation. My best marks at that time were 4:24 in 1500m, 16:52 in 5000m, 35:18 in 10000m and 1:26.28 in half marathon. On 2013, I finally started seeing tangible improvements in my running. Currently, my PBs are 16:08 for the 5000m, 34:25 for 10km, 50:22 for 15km and 1:15:00 for the half marathon.