Our verdict

These shoes make it easier to jog faster. However, these have too much cushioning for me that it slows me a bit down when I want to actually run. These by far are the best shoes I’ve tried for easy and long runs. They are not super fast. But definitely, they are very comfortable and help me jog at a faster pace than usual.


  • Lightweight
  • Super comfortable
  • Effortless jogging
  • Durable
  • Looks good


  • Not for speed
  • Not good on wet surfaces

Audience verdict

  • Top 12% most popular running shoes




My running background

For many years, I ran mostly wearing minimalist shoes or racing shoes for the somehow longer and tempo runs. This year, I finally decided to start training for a marathon requiring longer runs.

However, minimalist shoes create tension in my calves and pain in my Achilles' tendons when used in longer runs. Thus, I tried some shoes that will aid me in this and decided to get the On Cloud X.

I had some runs with the On Cloud X and really enjoyed them. However, they are not specialised for long runs.

So, I decided to buy the On Cloudflow and switch with Cloud X between runs.

Love the looks of the On Cloudflow

They are very distinctive in every sense and full of little details that look better when paid close attention.

I am still not a big fan of how the “Clouds” on the sole of the shoes look like. But slowly, I am getting used to them.

The Cloudflow is very comfortable

They fit me perfectly. These shoes are lightweight and have a bit of cushioning. However, I am still not that convinced about the cushioning.

I am a big fan of feeling the different textures of the floor. But, you better forget about feeling these with these shoes on.

Easy and long runs

With Cloudflow, easy and long runs become more effortless. They somehow help you to jog fast. Normally, my easy jogging pace is 4:30 to 4:40 minutes/km.

However, with these shoes, I jog in 4:15 to 4:20 without putting more effort. Last weekend, I did a 30km long run with them in 2 hours 12 minutes, and I felt pretty comfortable.

In fact, I completely forgot about the time and the shoes during the whole run. This is the best indication of a good running shoe for me. 

Tempo runs

I did a tempo run with them and it was really hard to keep the fast running pace in them, I really struggled a lot.

Fartlek runs

Even when I had some troubles with the tempo run in these shoes, doing shorter sprints (400m - 500m ) with them felt very good. They help you to recover well during the intervals.

And, for a short distance, it is not that difficult to put a bit of extra effort to keep the fast pace.


I have run with them on the pavement, track, and a bit of cross country and they seem to work pretty well.

My only problem with them was on wet pavement. On wet pavement, these shoes do not have much grip.

Durability of the Cloudflow

It is still too soon to judge them on durability.

But after 150km, they still look and feel like new.