Nike vs Adidas Business Stats

Posted on 01 November, 2021 by Danny McLoughlin

Top Adidas vs Nike business stats

  • Nike is valued $259.93 billion​​Adidas is valued at $56.40 billion making Nike 4.6 times as valuable as Adidas
  • Nike is listed at 321 in the Fortune Global 500 largest companies in the world by revenue. Adidas doesn’t feature on the list
  • Nike is the world’s 13th most valuable brand according to Forbes, well ahead of Adidas who are 51st

Adidas vs Nike financial stats

  • Nike’s 2020 revenues were $37.40 billion versus $23.02 billion for Adidas
  • From 2019 to 2020, Nike’s revenue declined by 4.4% versus 16.1% for Adidas
  • Since 2016, Nike’s revenues have grown by 15.4% whereas Adidas revenues have grown by just 7.4%

Nike and Adidas sales channels

  • 65% of Nike sales are wholesale compared to 59% of Adidas sales
  • 41% of Adidas sales are direct to consumer compared to 35% of Nike sales
  • Of that 41% for Adidas, 20% of sales are from stores and 21% of sales are from e-commerce
  • 14.7% of Nike’s sales are from e-commerce compared to 20.3% from in-store
  • Nike e-commerce sales totaled  $5.5 billion 
  • Adidas e-commerce sales exceed €4 billion
  • Nike has 1,096 stores around the world compared with 2,456 stores for the various Adidas brands
  • 30.84% of Nike stores are in the USA

Nike and Adidas in North America vs the rest of the world

  • US sales make up 39% of total Nike sales and 61% from outside the US
  • 24% of Adidas sales come from North America and 76% from outside the US

Nike and Adidas marketing and advertising

  • Nike’s brand creation expenses are $3.59 billion per year
  • Adidas spend $2.98 billion per year on marketing
  • Nike’s marketing budget is 1.2x larger than the Adidas marketing budget
  • Although Nike spend 9.6% of their revenue on marketing while Adidas spend 12.95%
  • Nike has $9.34 billion dollars earmarked for endorsement contracts. Adidas does not disclose this information 

Nike and Adidas manufacturing

   Nike  Adidas
 Footwear factories  122  25
 Apparel factories  329  70 
 Gear and accessory factories  -  37
 Total factories  451  132
  • 97% of Adidas footwear is manufactured in Asia
  • 50% of Nike footwear is made in Vietnam vs 42% of Adidas footwear
  • 29% of Adidas footwear is made in Indonesia vs 24% of Nike footwear
  • 22% of Nike footwear is made in China vs 15% of Adidas footwear
  • The largest factory, located in Vietnam, is responsible for 8% (30 million pairs) of all Adidas footwear whereas Nike’s largest factory makes 10% of all of its footwear

Nike and Adidas employees

  • Nike has 75,400 employees worldwide compared to 62,285 for Adidas
  • The average Adidas employee in Germany is paid €45,350
  • Whereas the average Nike employee in the USA is paid $28,142
  • No Nike employees are represented by a trade union outside of regions where it is required by law
  • Nike CEO is paid $53.5 million versus €3.7 million for the Adidas CEO
  • The Nike CEO is paid 12.5 times what the Adidas CEO is paid.
  • The Nike CEO is paid 1,935 times what the median employee is paid whereas the Adidas CEO is paid 81 times what the average Adidas employee is paid
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin
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