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8 reasons to buy

  • The majority of the users commented that the Nike React Miler is comfortable.
  • Many testers said that the running shoe is durable.
  • According to those who have tested the shoe, it is springy.
  • The running shoe is soft, based on some reviews.
  • Several consumers noted that the shoe is stable.
  • The running footwear is supportable, as observed by some purchasers.
  • A significant number of buyers agreed that the shoe is protective.
  • It provides excellent foot lockdown, as mentioned by some wearers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few testers said that the shoe is heavy.
  • Some users mentioned that the Nike React Miler is not a fast running shoe.

Bottom line

The overall response towards the React Miler was positive. It's outsole, midsole and upper construction made a lot of users happy and contented. They lauded the shoe's excellent design and structure. With the utilization of high-quality materials, technologies, and features, a supportive, protective, and bouncy running shoe is created. This is proven with the better and improved performance of the runners who have used the Nike React Miler.

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/100 by Brandon Law, posted on .

The Miler is a brand new shoe that Nike is marketing as a shoe designed to log the miles. Nike says that it's made for dependability on long runs and has a durable-feeling design.

The Miler is equipped with a full React midsole and a padded upper. To this day, I haven't been the biggest React fan.




To me, React feels too dense and rubbery without a bounce or spring to it. Perhaps the Miler will be the React shoe to change my mind about what Nike says is their most complete foam?

Can the Miler fill the void left by the Vomero and can the Miler match the Pegasus as a durable workhorse?


Nike used to have a super cushioned, plush shoe for going the distance while being super comfortable. It was called the Vomero.

The latest version of the Vomero, the 14th iteration was vastly different from what fans of the Vomero have come to expect: it was firm, heel-heavy, and could only be used for short distances.

The React Infinity Run and the Joyride Run were soft enough to replace the Vomero but the Infinity Run suffered from a sloppy upper and the Joyride Run had a mushy midsole.

The Pegasus has always been known as the “workhorse with wings”. Its extremely durable composition has gained it the reputation of a shoe that you can use day in, day out, and put over 1000 km on it with ease but the Pegasus has a firm ride which is more suited to short runs.



First impression

When I first took the Milers out the box, the word which jumped out at me was “sturdy”. The Milers felt like a really solid, well-built shoe.

I was surprised at how heavy the shoes felt in hand. It felt even heavier than the Zoom Fly 3, which also has a React foam midsole.

When I put them on for the first time, the thick upper conformed to my feet. The general trend of Nike uppers has been stripped down, racing-inspired uppers but the Miler felt different: it was padded, thick, and smooth.

React midsoles are normally quite flexible (except for the Zoom Fly 3 which has a carbon plate inside it) but the Miler was difficult to flex and had quite a stiff forefoot.

The React midsole of the Miler also felt quite firm and dense to the touch compared to the React midsole of the Infinity Run.

Looks-wise, I wasn't such a big fan of the Miler. It looked like a tennis shoe with its overlays and broad midsole base. I can imagine a grandpa wearing it with sweatpants.

Upper & fit

 The upper of the Miler is made from a thick, double-layer jacquard mesh. It has synthetic overlays on the toe box for extra protection and durability.




There are no Flywire cables but there are straps on the midfoot for structure and support in the midfoot area.

The heel is generously padded with foam and it has a thick, plastic external clip on the heel for heel structure and stability. I was happy with the lockdown of the heel. I experienced no heel slippage but there also are extra eyelets to do heel locking if you need a more secure lockdown.




The tongue of the Miler is flat and racing-inspired but it is padded with a small amount of foam for extra comfort. I'm not sure why Nike used this type of tongue instead of a long, thick tongue because the Miler is not meant to be used for racing.




The Miler's tongue is an improvement over the Pegasus and the Pegasus Turbo but it wouldn't be my first choice of a tongue. The tongue is attached to an inner sleeve so you won't get any tongue slide.




There are reflective strips on the toe overlays and the midfoot straps for night time visibility.

With all the padding and the overlays, the Miler is not the most breathable shoe and is more suited to cooler climates than warmer ones.

The Miler fits true to size and I ordered my usual 8.5. The toe box is wide and roomy and it shouldn't be a problem for most people. The Miler is not available in additional widths at present.

Overall, the Miler's upper is comfortable, provides a great foot lockdown and feels very durable. The durability does come at a cost as the Miler runs warm.

 Midsole & ride

The React midsole of the Miler rides soft. It's not as soft and not as spongy as the Infinity Run but it's softer than the React foam of the Vomero 14, Pegasus 37, and Zoom Fly 3.




This implementation of React foam feels dense and cushioned with less bounce and spring that you find in the Infinity Run.

I went for a variety of runs in the Miler and it felt best on recovery or long runs when I wanted lots of protection from the road in a comfortable package and I wasn't too worried about my speed.




The Miler isn't really suited to short or tempo runs due to its heavy weight and lack of responsiveness.

The wide midsole base of the Miler makes it very stable and foot strikes in them feel very planted. The edges of the midsole are slightly raised and there is a distinct “cupping of the foot” which contributes to the stable feel of the Miler.

The outsole is also full contact which results in very little lean bias. When you add all these stability features together, the Miler feels like the most stable Nike shoe that has been released this year.




The midsole is very stiff and inflexible so the Miler doesn't feel very snappy. There is also no rocker technology to help the shoe feel propulsive.

On the medial side of the midsole is a large, rubber-feeling rectangle that sits directly under the arch. This device acts as a firmer medial post to prevent the arch of the shoe from compressing too much when it is loaded.

This rubber rectangle is unobtrusive and you don't notice it while wearing the shoe.




The forefoot stack height is 21mm with the heel being 31mm. This 10mm offset makes the shoe perfect for rearfoot strikers as there is plenty of foam in the back to soften heel strikes. Conversely, forefoot strikers might find the Miler a bit too heel-heavy.

The insole of the Miler is flimsy and thin. It doesn't add much cushioning to the ride so most of the cushioning is contained in the Miler's midsole. The wording “TRUST FOR MILES” printed on the insole is another reminder that the Miler was designed to be durable and dependable.



Outsole & durability

There are two types of rubbers used on the outsole of the Miler: harder, carbon rubber on the lateral sides and softer, blown rubber on the forefoot, and a small strip on the heel. There is a wide decoupling groove in the centre of the heel which runs into the forefoot.




The decoupling groove and dimple under the heel make the shoe more cushioned by allowing a space for the foam to compress downwards towards the floor.

A large portion of the heel and midfoot are not covered by rubber and start to show wear first. The outsole of the Miler has great traction on all types of surfaces, wet and dry.

The rubber pieces on the outsole are thick and durable and the outsole should last over 1000 km with ease. The exposed midsole pieces will scuff after a while but they won’t change the ride character.




React has proven to be an extremely durable foam. It doesn’t lose much cushioning over the life of the shoe and it also doesn’t harden much in cold temperatures or get mushy in warm ones.

Overall, the Miler is one of the most durable-feeling shoes I’ve owned. There are no signs of weakness on the upper, the midsole won’t lose cushioning over time and the outsole is very hard-wearing. I will be disappointed if I don’t get over 1000 km of runs in the Miler.


If you’re a runner looking for a well-built shoe for long distances or recovery runs, get the React Miler.

The Miler has a comfortable upper with a superb foot lockdown. It has reflective pieces for night time running and lots of stability features that make the ride of the Miler secure and structured.



Brandon Law | Level 4 expert Verified
Hi, I'm Brandon. I have a running shoe obsession and addiction. I spend hours a day on websites and on review sites reading about the latest tech and upcoming releases. I run +-50km per week, and one of my favourite past times is going into shoe stores and testing salesmen on their knowledge of running shoes.

The Nike React Miler is a new addition to the company's line up of running shoes. The shoe is strategically designed for those who need additional support during the running session. It utilizes the double Jacquard mesh upper. This component of the shoe is described to be lightweight in structure. Its primary purpose is to provide breathability and midfoot lockdown.

Featured in the shoe is more React foam when compared to the Infinity. Nike added this feature to the shoe to provide a more comfortable and healthier running experience mile after mile on the roads.

This stability running shoe, the Nike React Miler, is sure to provide a comfortable and snug fit. With the midfoot cage's utilization along with the reinforced eyestays, the foot is secured over the midsole. Together with the midfoot cage is the wider forefoot. This is vital in preventing the foot from swelling during long-distance runs. As a result, a more comfortable and enjoyable ride is experienced by the user.

The full rubber outsole is integrated into the Nike React Miler. This component of the shoe is meant to provide excellent traction in different paved surfaces. This material delivers underfoot durability to the platform as well.

Utilized in making the road running shoe is the Ride rail. Along with the Ride Rail is a lightweight foam. The primary purpose of this is to create a smoother heel-to-toe transition. As a result, a more efficient running experience is enjoyed by the user during high-mileage training.

The React is used in the midsole unit of the shoe. This material is described as a springy and soft cushioning compound that is strategically built to deliver excellent shock absorption. As a result, impact forces are attenuated without compromising energy return. 

Featured in the running shoe is the Rocker Geometry. The primary focus of this is to provide smoother transitions with every stride. 

Integrated into the running footwear is the Heel Clip. This feature of the shoe is essential in creating a more stable platform.

The Nike React Miler utilizes the double Jacquard mesh upper. This material is focused on providing lightweight breathability. This is essential in keeping the foot healthy and fresh from start to finish of the running activity. The double Jacquard mesh is also significant in delivering a more secure lockdown.

A wider forefoot is used in crafting the shoe. This component of the running footwear aims to create more space for better toe splay and added stability.

Employed in the React Miler is the Midfoot cage. Nike added this feature for midfoot lockdown. This is significant in securing a snugger fit. 

The traditional collar, along with a soft tongue unit, is used in crafting the shoe. This breathable material aids in relieving lace pressure and provide a comfortable feel during the running session. 

Easy on and off is encouraged by the pull tab. This is essential, especially for those who are always in a hurry and needed less time before doing any activity.

Added at the toe area are skins. This feature of the Nike React Miler provides added durability to the platform.

Nike React foam

Considered to be one of the best foams in the market nowadays, the React foam is admired and loved by many enthusiasts and avid fans. The foam was first used in making Nike running shoes last 2017. With Nike's decision to utilize this material, it's proven and tested that the foam is a versatile technology. Aside from running shoes, the Nike React foam is also used in golf, lifestyle, training, and basketball shoes. It is primarily designed to be durable, soft, and responsive. This is possible because of the combination of EVA and TPE foams that can be found in most running shoes.

Nike React Miler vs. Nike Epic React Flyknit 2

Like the Nike React Miler, the Epic React Flyknit 2 uses the famous React midsole foam. With the delivery of the exemplary level of shock absorption, runners can experience a more responsive and bouncier cushioning. The utilization of this midsole foam promotes a smoother heel-to-toe transition. The Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 is employed with fluid geometry. The design is utilized at the bottom of the foam to reduce weight and improve every runner's performance. The Nike React Miler, on the other hand, uses the Rocker Geometry. This component of the shoe creates a pleasant, effortless, fluid heel-to-toe transitions from start to finish of the run.

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The Miler fits true to size and I ordered my usual 8.5. - Brandon Law, Level 4 expert
Fit-wise, the React Miler was true to size. - Running Shoes Guru
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