Who should buy the Nike Metcon 4

The Metcon series from Nike is where you go if you want that premium high-performance Crossfit shoe. And the 4th iteration is no different. Here are a few additional reasons why you might be happy with this option:

  • if you lift heavy, this trainer is on the stiff side, making it more lifting-oriented
  • as an earlier Metcon version, it is offered at a discounted price.

Nike Metcon 4 swoosh

Who should NOT buy the cross-trainer

Given that this is a stiff shoe, it’s not the best for spending a lot of time on your feet. If you prefer a shoe that’s a bit more cushioned, flexible, and comfortable for walking around, consider the Metcon 7. It is also a more recent, improved version of the series.

And if you aren’t incorporating that much weightlifting and want a more well-rounded trainer, check out the Reebok Nano X1.

In addition, we constantly monitor the market of Crossfit shoes and make selections of the 10 best shoes in our guide.

Nike Metcon 4 best use

Nike Metcon 4 vs. Metcon 3

Even though at first glance it seems like the two models are identical, the Metcon 4 features a number of changes to improve the overall comfort, style, and performance:

  • Softer and more padded upper
  • More durable upper material
  • Additional eyelets allow for a more tuned-in fit

Nike Metcon 4 eyelets

“Metcon” is another word for stability

You won’t find much flexibility or comfort in the Metcon 4 but this is what makes it so efficient for lifting, be it squats, cleans and jerks, powerlifting, etc.

The removable insole provides a minimum amount of cushioning and is made rather dense to deliver stability for weightlifting.

Nike Metcon 4 low profile

The also has a low-to-the-ground profile to help the wearer stay in control of the surface throughout the CrossFit session. With a 4-mm drop, which is the difference in height between the forefoot and the heel, it keeps the foot relatively flat for a more planted underfoot feel.

Jumps, sprints, rope climbs, wall push-ups, and more

From the bottom up, the trainer is crafted to support the foot during constantly varied plyometric exercises, rope climbing, and other activities involved in a typical workout of the day (WOD).

Even though the insole is quite stiff, there is still some responsiveness to it which helps with jumps and sprints.

Nike Metcon 4 cushioning

The rubber sidewalls work together with the heel clip around the ankle to keep the foot steady during multi-directional movements.

These walls are also textured, biting the rope during rope climbs.

Nike Metcon 4 sidewalls

The rubber also protrudes slightly at the back of the shoe. The extension reduces drag when performing wall exercises such as wall walks and wall push-ups.

Metcon 4 hugs the foot nicely

A sandwich mesh is used as the primary material of the upper. It is a soft, two-layer fabric with vertical fibers running through it which creates a cushioned feel for the foot. It also allows the top portion of the shoe to be flexible and breathable.

Nike Metcon 4 fit

Minor issues with heel slipping

More than a few reviewers complain that the heel section sits low on the rearfoot causing slippage and blistering.

However, with the additional eyelets on Metcon 4, this issue has been minimized compared to Metcon 3.

Nike Metcon 4 collar

Nike Metcon 4 is not the one to fall apart

In addition to the hard-wearing outsole rubber, this cross-trainer also comes with a reinforced upper.

Placed throughout the high-wear areas is the haptic technology, which is comprised of 3D-printed tri-star patterns. This textured component has a rubberized feel that protects the mesh material from getting frayed during activities like rope climbing.

Further protection of the fabric is delivered by a synthetic guard in the big toe area.

Nike Metcon 4 tri-star pattern

The squeak is still there though

A few owners criticized the shoe for developing a squeaking sound after some time. Apparently, it is caused by the rubbing of the insole against the shoe walls.

This problem is addressed in the 5th version of the Metcon and the subsequent iterations.

Helps you feel surefooted on the floor

The traction of the outsole received praise from a handful of users; it delivered grip on various surfaces including wet gym flooring.

Nike Metcon 4 outsole

The tri-star tread pattern delivers multi-directional traction and also enhances the grip on most surfaces. The forefoot area is sticky and helps during sled pushes.

Good-looking with plenty of color options

A great number of buyers adore the Nike Metcon 4 for its style, design, and abundance of colorways. They reported receiving a lot of compliments from other people.

Nike Metcon 4 design

The shoe has also been released in a number of special editions, some of which include the following.

Nike Metcon 4 XD

This new iteration of the acclaimed CrossFit trainer comes in a selection of vibrant colors in both men’s and women’s versions. Apart from the refreshed color palette, this model receives an update in its upper unit. The 3D-printed tri-star patterns covering the mesh have been replaced with diamond-shaped ones. They have the same rubberized feel as the tri-stars but are made larger to enhance the durability of the material. In fact, the “XD” is an abbreviation that stands for “extra durability.”

Nike Metcon 4 XD X Chalkboard/Whiteboard

Customization becomes even more available in this limited edition of the Metcon 4. The material used in the rear section of this shoe is crafted to resemble the surface of a chalkboard or a whiteboard, depending on the colorway. Just grab a piece of chalk or a dry erase marker and let your imagination run wild. You can always erase your masterpiece to start anew.

Nike Metcon 4 XD Patch

The tongue and the back section of the upper unit are made of a Velcro-friendly material. It allows you to stick any of the five or six inspirational patches that come with each trainer. These may vary a bit depending on the colorway but they all share the same military nostalgia vibe, featuring old-school army emblems. The dusty tactical colors of this model also go in tune with the theme: the shoe can be purchased in dark stucco, black, elemental gold, rose gold, and violet ash hues.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 340g
Drop: 4mm
Update: Nike Metcon 8
Use: Crossfit / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Release date: Dec 2017
Features: Low drop

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